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A-Z Addiction Treatment Centres, the above is the definitive A to Z list of all addiction rehabilitation centres listed within our 12 step treatment guide. this comprehensive list includes detoxification facilities, sober living homes, dry houses,  Sober Companions  and second stage accommodation after rehab etc.

Should you not see your own facility and would like to be included, please use the contact page to speak to us directly. 

A-Z Addiction Treatment Centres Feedback

Through the feedback we have received since first launching we have added other services to our guide. This is due to the fact that our traffic is not only from those seeking 12 Step Rehabilitation centres. We receive a vast amount of traffic finding us when searching for all forms of treatment or rehabilitation information.

Addiction Rehabs Near Me (you)

By offering a cross section of treatment services we hope more will find a suitable addiction rehab near you. Or at least be able to choose one close enough to find a healthy way out of active addiction.