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  • Sober Companion

Sober Companion

Harmony in Recovery

Sober Companion for musicians, artists, working individuals navigating the complex world of addiction recovery, a skilled and empathetic sober companion can be the key to lasting sobriety. 12 Step Treatment Centres offers dedicated sober companion services tailored for individuals in the music industry or wishing to continue working.

We understand the unique challenges and pressures musicians face, and our compassionate and effective sober companions are here to guide. Also support, and empower you as you journey towards a healthier, addiction-free life without sacrificing your passion.

Why Choose 12 Step Treatment Centres for a Sober Companion for Musicians?

Musical Industry Expertise

Our team of sober companions includes professionals with extensive experience working with musicians. They understand the unique lifestyle, stressors, and creative demands that come with a career in the music industry.

Personalized Support

Musicians often face different triggers and challenges on their journey to recovery. Our sober companion services are customized to address your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle, ensuring you receive the tailored support that suits you best.

On-Tour Assistance

We’re ready to travel with you on tour, providing constant 24 hour a day support and helping you maintain sobriety while on the road.

Comprehensive Assistance

Our sober companion services encompass various aspects of recovery, including relapse prevention, coping strategies, and setting and achieving personal milestones.

Holistic Approach

In addition to traditional sober companion support, we incorporate holistic techniques and mental health guidance. This is to address addiction from all angles, increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

Ongoing Assistance

Your journey to sobriety doesn’t end with companionship. We provide continuous support, resources, and guidance to help you maintain sobriety, no matter where your music takes you.

Empower Your Journey to Sobriety 

Finding the right sober companion for musicians is essential for those pursuing a career in the music industry. Our expert sober companions offer understanding, support, and strategies necessary for a successful recovery journey while continuing to create and perform music.

Harmony of Recovery

Experience the harmony of recovery with 12 Step Treatment Centres. We are here to empower and support you on your journey to sobriety while pursuing your passion. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards lasting sobriety without sacrificing your love for music.

Musicians and Addiction Recovery: A Unique Journey

The music industry is known for its intensity, creativity, and often, its association with substance use and addiction. Plus musicians are vulnerable to the pressures of touring, performance, and the emotional intensity that comes with artistic expression.

This unique environment can make the journey to recovery particularly challenging, and it underscores the importance of a sober companion who understands these complexities.

The Role of a Sober Companion for Musicians

A sober companion for musicians serves as a supportive and understanding ally throughout your recovery journey.

They offer:


The companion helps you stay on track with your recovery plan, reminding you of your goals and strategies to maintain sobriety.

Relapse Prevention

Trained and experienced to recognize early warning signs and triggers for relapse. They can help you navigate these moments and prevent a return to substance use.

Mental Health Support

Musicians often grapple with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Your sober companion provides guidance and support for these challenges, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.


They will be there with you on tour, in the studio, and during the moments when you might be most tempted to use substances. Their presence provides stability and support during challenging times.

Coping Strategies

Your companion assists in developing and practicing healthy coping strategies that can be applied in high-pressure situations.

On Tour, In the Studio, and Beyond

One of the unique aspects of our sober companion services for musicians is our willingness to travel with you on tour. Or provide support in the studio, ensuring that you have the guidance and assistance you need, even in the most demanding environments.

Contact 12 Step Treatment Centres for your Sober Companion for Musicians

Your journey to sobriety is a personal one, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Contact 12 Step Treatment Centres to discuss your unique needs and begin your path to lasting sobriety while continuing to create and perform music.

Our expert sober companions are here to provide understanding and support for your recovery journey, ensuring that you can find harmony and success in your music career while maintaining your sobriety.

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