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Christian 12 steps drug rehab & Christian 12 step recovery is something that everyone has heard of. By the time someone is an adult it is highly likely that he or she has met someone who is “working the steps” or have heard about the steps on television or in a movie. The Christian 12 step recovery program as worked in Christian drug rehab centers or Christian alcohol treatment centers for addiction recovery, has become famous all over the world for one reason: it works even when other methods of addiction recovery have failed.

12 Step Recovery

The steps that are central to the Christian drug rehab, Christian 12 step recovery program in Christian alcohol treatment centers. First developed by Alcoholics Anonymous more than seven decades ago and since its inception the twelve steps have been beneficial to alcoholics and most drug addicts and they have been implemented into most types of addiction recovery program or model.

All addictions

This means that the twelve steps are used by people with drug addiction, gambling addiction, people with spending addictions and people who have problems with codependency. Even workaholics have begun using the twelve steps to help them relax and have more rounded lives. Almost everybody can benefit from the philosophies espoused in the twelve steps. 

Recovery program

The exact text of the Christian 12 step recovery program used in christian alcohol treatment centers can be found easily on the internet or at the library, so this article will not spell them out. What it aims to do instead is to illustrate just a few of the steps and point out how following these steps can be beneficial to an addiction recovery process. 

Christian 12 Steps

The very first step in the Christian drug rehab 12 step recovery program is the most important step on the road to any sort of recovery. The first step, basically, is admitting to yourself that you have no power over whatever it is that you are addicted to. This step has to come first because, without it, you have no foundation for the rest of the steps that follow. Addiction experts agree that it is not until the addict himself or herself admits that he is powerless over his (or her) addiction, he cannot expect to make a full recovery and lead a sober life. Until you admit that you have a problem you cannot truly hope to get better.

The third step

The third step of Christian 12 step recovery tells the addict to turn his or her life over to God as he is understood by the addict. This is one of the most important tenets of Christian philosophy: admitting that there is a higher power and that he is in charge. Doing this is not meant to absolve the addict of any guilt he or she may feel toward his addiction (as many find as they work through the later steps). This step is meant to help the addict feel less alone as he works toward a life of sobriety and abstinence from drugs.

Higher power

Most people who have suffered an addiction say that just acknowledging that a higher power had an interest in their lives was enough to help them get through the day after they left their drug addiction treatment centers.

Christian Recovery Program

Another of the most recognized steps of Christian 12 step recovery are the eighth and ninth steps: the steps in which the addict acknowledges that he and his addiction have caused pain in other peoples’ lives and asks for forgiveness from the people that he has wronged or hurt so far in his life. These are the hardest steps for most drug addicts as many do not wish to face the pain they might have caused others, let alone bring up the pain and, in a sense, relive it.


They fear that they will not be forgiven and sometimes they are not. The steps remain important, however, because an addict cannot fully recover until he admits that he was wrong and that his addicted actions were not justified.

A new life

Addicts gravitate toward a Christian 12 step program because it provides them with a road map toward sobriety. It gives them things to work toward and to focus on beyond not getting stoned or picking up that alcohol bottle. It helps them create a new life out of a broken one and, for most, tells them how to keep from falling back into old habits.

These steps, when combined with therapy and regular church attendance are the reason that most Christian rehabilitation programs succeed when others have failed. 

12 Step program

If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and is looking for a program to help them get and stay sober, there is no better program than the Christian 12 step recovery program. Christian 12 step treatment is not easy. In fact, for some, it is the hardest program to follow.

It has also been the most successful drug addiction rehabilitation program in history and has been adopted by hundreds of addiction treatment centers all over the world. 

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