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Advanced search so search results for treatment centres become more suitable for addicts rehabilitation near you or in your country. This tool will assist and prevent you from viewing many treatment facilities that are not what you are looking for.

Example would be if you are in California USA and wishing to stay local. You don’t want to waste precious time viewing treatment centres in Australia or Thailand or any other country. 

Addicts Rehabilitation Near Me

This advanced search page enables you to simply view addicts rehabilitation near me or you rather than in other countries. Or even in other parts of the United States if you are unable or unwilling to relocate.  

About us

An online modern addiction treatment guide displaying drug rehabs or other addicts rehabilitation facility using the 12 step model. This has been proven over the years to be a very successful form of treatment.

We are an online service based in the UK and have  many addicts rehabilitation facilities registered worldwide since we began. These include residential treatment clinics, sober companions, sober living homes detox facilities and all other forms of addicts rehabilitation services available. 

Contact us

If you work in or own an addiction treatment service you think suitable. Then please do use the above contact button and let us know, we would love to hear from you. Since starting as a small UK service we have expanded due to our online presence. we now dominate the majority of countries search results for all 12 step related treatment services. Including non 12 step results so we can offer Christian rehabs as well as other forms of treatment services. We have been going for over 15 years and continue to grow annually as a direct result. Our aim is simply to have treatment centres from every country display their service for those seeking help from addiction.