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12 Step Treatment Countries, showing countries from around the world with treatment centres displayed on our guide. From Antigua to Wales alphabetically with a mixture of addiction treatment services available. We have residential drug rehabilitation centres as well as detoxification facilities, drop in centres, dry houses and sober living homes. Simply click on the country you wish to view and select the treatment facility to view the service they offer. You will also find direct links to their own web page plus up to date contact details email etc. Should a service provider have any expectations for you prior to admission you can discuss all of this directly. Should you know of a country with a 12 step rehab not listed please do use the contact button above. This is top right-hand side, we shall contact with the view of adding the facility to our guide.

12 Step Treatment Countries

We receive traffic from unexpected countries such as Nepal, Mexico and Russia from those seeking recovery from addiction. We decided to display at least one treatment service / drug rehab from each hopefully helping those seeking ongoing recovery. For Nepal we have displayed The Recovering Group as it utilizes the 12 step model of substance abuse recovery. For Mexico we have displayed Moffitt Wellness Retreat it offers an integration of physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual healing. And for Russia we have a display for Marshak Clinic offering treatment for drug addictions, alcoholism and gambling. Not typical drug rehab facilities but any addict seeking help should have at least one place to contact. Hopefully as we continue we will have facilities listed worldwide so anyone can find help anywhere should they need. If you do know of any countries missed with a treatment service please do contact and let us know.