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South Africa

South Africa rehabilitation centres page. Here we display all registered drug rehabilitation centres that have chosen to have a page on our guide. Also we list residential and non-residential treatment facilities from all states within South Africa. Therefore all rehabilitation centres can be found by those seeking treatment. Plus all centres are able to display their services while seeking refferals from those seeking rehabilitation.  There are sober living residences (dry houses) plus move on accommodation still offering support for ongoing recovery.

Some have expectations including sponsorship from local 12 step fellowships and beginning work while being supported within a safe environment. Included above you will see long standing residential rehabilitation centres with successful programs well and truly tested over time. Plus there are services displayed with an expectation to attend 12 step fellowship meetings in house. These support groups are for clients use until you are safe enough to attend meetings in the local area alone.

South Africa rehabilitation centres

The guide has displays remote facilities to keep clients far away from temptation of relapse. Plus some clients seek rehab specifically remote to minimize opportunity to leave early. Also there are clients needing to be close to hoe for work or family commitments. These clients are able to search how far the centre is and how convenient it would be for recovery treatment.

Should you open any of our South Africa rehabilitation centres page you will see exactly what we are saying. These displays give insite into what form of rehabilitation is on offer. Plus a clear insight into expectations from the clients. Good luck in your search for ongoing recovery via residential treatment.