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  • Marshak Clinic Russia
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Marshak Clinic Russia

Marshak Clinic

142405 Shchorsa Str

(495) 788 06 48

Centre Description

Our drug treatment centre began its work more than 11 years ago. Among those who were among our first patients, eight out of ten people still live a healthy and sober life. 

Gambling, drug addiction.

Moscow Substance Abuse Centers for Addiction Treatment. 

Over the years our program has been continuously improved and, thanks to the emergence of the latest scientific developments, has changed. We are moving forward, trying to modernise our method, as can be better and more effectively organise treatment. Plus we have always conducted research on addiction – the results we use in our work. 

We provide our patients with all conditions for effective treatment and a comfortable stay. Our level corresponds to the best drug treatment clinics, the U.S. and Europe.


Treatment is completely confidential. 
Warranty: In the event of a breakdown repeat the course – free. 
Must be able to pass a 2-year program of psychological support. 
The Ability to pass a stationary (in hospital) and outpatient (in Moscow without leaving their daily employment) treatment. 
Development and passage of an individual treatment program under the supervision of leading specialists of the clinic. 
Individual program for VIP-patients. 
Clinic for 40 places located in the suburban town, in one of the most picturesque places of Moscow suburbs. 
Accommodation patients in single-double rooms, equipment which meets all European standards. 
Classrooms for individual work with patients. 
Spacious, bright rooms for group activities. 
Hour security, with the use of modern technology (continuous video surveillance of the territory) guarantees anonymity and security of our customers. 

Our clinic

Home kitchen, 4 meals a day, based on a special diet. 
Service organized on the principle of the hotel: the maids clean the rooms regularly and change clothes. 
Clock duty qualified medical personnel and counselors. 
Integrated diagnostic examination for admission to hospital, including genetic analysis. 
Additional survey (of the brain, the study of liver function, etc.) based on leading diagnostic centers in Moscow. Consultation with leading specialists in internal medicine, neurology, hepatology, and other specialties. 
Produced a constant (throughout the course of rehabilitation) to monitor the positive dynamics of the patient’s recovery through testing and interviews. 
Upon leaving the hospital the patient is given individual guidance and training materials on the program of recovery. 
Special program for relatives of the patient (including individual consultations with psychologists). 
Aftercare supervision and free consultation of experts (up to 2 years). 

“The effectiveness of our method is due to its focus on both biological and psychosocial aspects of disease, based on individual genetic characteristics of the patient. It is this integrated approach and high professional skill of our employees are the foundation of successful treatment and rehabilitation.” 

Marshak Clinic Russia

The most terrifying words today – not the names of atomic bombs and missiles, and drug addiction, alcoholism and multiplayer game. In peacetime, maim, mangle their lives and the lives of their loved ones and die because of these phenomena. Dependence on drugs is pushing people into crime, a complete negation of himself and his family, the loss of all moral values. That is why it is so important today to ensure the most effective treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions. 

Of course, to drug treatment should be good professionals, doctors, having rich experience in this field with the necessary equipment, skills, and drugs. Practice in the treatment of drug addiction is truly priceless – doctors, having behind the years of work with drug, extracted from the baggage of knowledge that can be applied in this particular situation. 

Treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in the Marshak Clinic – an individual approach, the most modern techniques and products and the professionalism of doctors. We offer a truly effective treatment for addiction, making every effort to ensure that people return to normal life. 

Drug abuse treatment by experienced Marshak Clinic

 What is the secret of effective drug treatment in the clinic Marshak? 

First, individual approach. Each patient with alcoholism or drug addiction, has its own physiological and psychological characteristics that must be carefully considered in the diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis in our clinic includes both traditional medical examination and DNA analysis and psychoanalysis, which allow us to select the most appropriate methods of treating drug addiction or other addictions. 

Secondly, the use of advanced techniques designed to eliminate the causes of addiction. The main reason, as we discovered, is the imbalance neuromediator exchange, due to which a person begins to regularly consume alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Solve this cause – means to conduct an effective treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, and any other addiction, the result will persist for many years. 

The most common and effective operating methods of drug treatment are: 
Total exclusion of the possibility to use drugs. 
Detoxification therapy in the treatment of drug addiction and drug dependence in combination with restorative therapy helps the body recover. 
Number of anti-drug activities aimed at the suggestion of disgust for the substance used. Treatment of drug addiction also involves psychotherapy and self-analysis. 

Drug – Substance abuse

Drug abuse treatment is important to most justified in the complex, when used effectively in this case the action. Marshak Clinic specialists evaluate the degree of disease, constitute a treatment plan that best fits the specifics of the patient – thanks to this drug treatment being tested methods in combination with modern developments. Necessary after drug treatment and rehabilitation is conducted in the clinic Marshak. 

Often, drug treatment includes four stages: the removal of “breaking” or withdrawal symptoms in a patient, conducting therapeutic and psychological activities, work with friends and family, the socialization of the patient. Each of the stages of drug treatment accompanied by professional physicians, specialists with extensive experience ready to support you and provide the necessary assistance to any of the stages. 

Turning to the clinic for treatment Marshak, you make the first step towards the complete emancipation of himself or his family member of such terrible diseases as drug addiction, alcoholism, game addiction, the first step toward recovery and normalcy.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Marshak Clinic any questions directly.
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