Khat chrystal meth

Khat Chrystal Meth Report & Treatment

Khat chrystal meth report was made possible by all the people from the Somali, Ethiopian and Yemeni communities in Bromley, Southall and Ealing, North London, Birmingham and Sandwell, and Sheffield who gave up their time to talk to us.

We cannot name them as our researchers guaranteed them confidentiality and anonymity. Essential liaison, advice and ongoing support were provided by Turning Point staff in each location, particularly Bali Kaur in Bromley, from whose original idea this research arose. Thanks also go to Karen Tate from Ealing Primary Care Trust, who made her own research available for us to use. Many thanks to all the Somali, Yemeni and Ethiopian health professionals, community interactors and Privileged Access Interviewers (PAIs) who advised on the research and helped to carry it out. The names and roles of the focus group facilitators and PAIs are listed at Appendix Two.

Research team

Thanks to the research team at Turning Point who managed the project, including Richard Kramer and Gary Hayes. Special thanks go to Vania Desborough for being the strongest link throughout the project for contacts, information and organising data and focus groups. Finally, we are very grateful to the Home Office Drugs Strategy Directorate for commissioning the report, and in particular to Julie Clouder for her continuing commitment and enthusiasm. Cathy Havell

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The Effects Of Crystal Meth by Mike Çota

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