Sober recovery home

A sober recovery home, sober house is a term synonymous with those associated with drug or alcohol addiction. For those who can’t differentiate, the truth is that a sober living home is different from either a rehab or even a recovery support home, sober house. While some sober recovery homes provide some of the services and recovery programs that a rehab offers, most have their own systems and methods of recovery.

In a nut shell, a sober recovery home sober house may be described as an alcohol free zone, in a home like atmosphere where each person gets to mingle with others in similar conditions thus sharing their pain and in the process healing. A major advantage of sober recovery living is that it is affordable, since most such homes operate as Non Profit Organisations registered under the United States IRS code 501(c) (3). Interestingly, most of the sober living homes do not get government aid; they are mostly run with help from the contributions of their clients. There are however, some clients who qualify for individual social benefits, which in turn helps in saving expenses for that individual.

Sober Living Houses

In a typical sober recovery home, people stay within a single-family residence located in a residential area. Though these sober recovery homes do not follow acute detox, detoxification or treatment procedures, they do in fact have a set of very strict house rules which cannot be violated under any circumstance. However in spite of these enforcement’s, the beauty or success of the sober recovery home stems from the fact that here, individuals are encouraged to recover in their own sweet time in an environment where they can develop individual recovery programs and try to become self reliant.

12 Step Meetings

While in a sober recovery home, sober house, each resident is encouraged to be self reliant not only financially but also in terms of doing their own work. Work done here is not only for oneself but also for the home in general. Whatever the size of the sober living home, residents share rooms with peers, clean their home and do a daily chore assigned to them. The residents must attend weekly self help 12 step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for an understanding of the 12 Step program.

Interestingly some of these sober recovery homes also have tie ups with detox, detoxification hospitals and outpatient treatment centers, where a client may have been first for treatment if he/she so needed. 

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