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12 Steps Christian Addictions Program

12 Steps Christian Addictions Program, workers believe drug or alcohol dependence can and does often lead to a physical dependency. This will and usually does lead on to a psychological dependence known as addiction. These lead onto a chaotic existence, active addiction and if extremely lucky the abuser may find a way out.

Ongoing Recovery

This need for change to find a healthier lifestyle away from active addiction will need a withdrawal period. Depression becomes apparent plus a break down of mental strength or resistance to recovery manifests. This sort of Drug / Alcohol abuse has negative effects on an addicts social work and family life. This will more often than not lead to a breakdown in the family unit. This breakdown can at times be rebuilt with the abuser entering an addiction program for ongoing recovery.

Christian Addictions Program

Christian treatment centres are working towards helping with this and offer some form of spiritual support for the addicts family alongside any medications and therapies needed. Some will offer family counselling sessions to hopefully begin the healing process in the family unit needed for the now recovering addicts future support system to be in place.

12 Step Program

There is the 12 Step program which some say does have religious leanings that has been used for years by recovery alcoholics and addicts worldwide. A number of Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers do work hard on cultivating spiritual growth based on religious principles well known to all Christ centered families and encourage the 12 step program using Jesus as the Higher Power mentioned within the steps. non Christian centres allow the clients to form their own opinion on a higher power not necessarily religious with the only suggestion being it needs to something positive and bigger than yourself. 

Spiritual Growth

These treatment centres, while following person to person counselling, group support programs, 12 step programs, therapies etc, also believe in cultivating spiritual growth based on these religious principles which does seem to be working.



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