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Tik Crystal Meth Drug Abuse

Tik Crystal Meth Drug Abuse South Africa

Crystal meth

Tik drug abuse, tuk tuk, crystal, straws, globes are all street names for Crystal meth. Tik now the latest version and is unfortunately being used by school children. This drug will keep you awake and make you violent. Especially in South Africa where the police are coming down harder on dealers. Those dealing tik more than on dealers of the likes of heroin, crack cocaine cannabis etc.

The drug is being marketed as an easy way of losing weight which is making it a drug to try for young girls. Those who would normally never get involved in drugs. 


“The danger with crystal meth is that it is attractive to non-typical drug users”. So says Prof Charles Parry, researcher at the Medical Research Council (MRC).

This is an additional worry as some users of Crystal meth, tik, tuk tuk, straws, globes etc have no idea how to handle drugs. Specifically the dangers they hold.

Users numbers rising

The greatest rise in registered users seeking help or treatment / rehab comes from those under the age of 20. Treatment centres / rehabs in South Africa are reportedly treating children as young as 13 for tik addiction. Hopefully the addiction services of South Africa will receive more and more referrals for suffering with crystal meth addiction. Especially those seeking help or rehabilitation before its to late.

The number of crystal meth tik addicts / abusers reported has increased. This from less than one per cent of those registered with the CTDCC back in 2002. Now to more recently a full third of those registered.

This increase in this type of drug abusers has left the CTDCC extremely concerned and facing the greatest challenge the CTDCC has ever had to face. 

South African health professionals

The health professionals of South Africa are also very concerned about the effects using crystal meth is having on drug addicts. The addict / drug user / crystal meth abuser can think he or she is seeing and hearing things that are not there plus with the increase in violence associated, it is now a far more dangerous drug in South Africa than most others available. 

Crystal meth is now becoming a sought after drug with gang members. Which leaves the obvious concern of those involved already with violent crime and criminal activity. Those taking a drug which will only heighten this violence and induce more extreme behaviours in the drug using world.


Methamphetamine is ideal to prepare gunmen for a hit, removing there inhibitions and fueling the gunman’s aggression . Hence we could easily expect an increase in violence in this already extremely violent area of the population in South Africa

Crystal meth has many street names including Hitler’s drug. This name as it was allegedly used by the Nazis as a fighting drug to fuel aggression. Plus keep soldiers awake for long periods of time during the war.