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Les Mariannes

Les Mariannes – Wellness Clinic
Roayl Road
D Epinay

Centre Description

We have endeavoured to open a leading facility for the treatment of addiction and have utilised some of the most well-known names in the field to bring only the top level standards of delivery possible. Les Mariannes is essentially an international inpatient facility operating with the utmost comfort, luxury and privacy. We have outpatient, consultancy and other services available. In essence we have converted our internationally established wellness clinic to suit the needs of an addiction unit. We have based our standards on those from international organisations such as NAADAC (US) and the FDAP (UK).

Rehabilitate in Mauritius

Our clinic offers to South Africans the ideal opportunity for world class rehabilitation far away from your usual temptations and frustrations. A world renowned health resort destination, Mauritius is a sparkling emerald island in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Les Mariannes Wellness Clinic is complete with the all of the creature comforts expected of a 4 star resort. We are located in one of the most peaceful and pristine cooler mountainous areas of the island. Our clinic is situated high above the bustle of the capital city of Port Louis, and away from the temptations, distractions and commotion of the major tourist areas. Les Mariannes Wellness Clinic is at a juncture of picturesque, spacious agricultural tranquillity and an idyllic natural forest preserve. The high vantage point slopes downward to the north, east and west until it reaches the sea offering a dramatic vista over three sides of the island of Mauritius. Here, you will discover the true meanings of ‘tranquillity, splendour, and contentment’.


Les Mariannes Wellness Centre is a clinic which specializes in addiction therapies, but with a big focus on core wellness services such as exercise, nutrition, and rebalancing practices like yoga, and Tai chi. Blending all these techniques together restores the individual to an optimum state of physical and mental health. In this state the person will find it easier to give up addictive behaviours and develop new lifestyle management habits.

Mauritius is a very sought after touristic destination, and we are located in the remote cool highlands of the island, in a magnificently beautiful green area, richly oxygen laden, and with views on the north coast and emerald ocean.

What makes us special

A host of factors make our luxury facility stand above the rest. Location, the magic of Mauritius, the multi-cultural harmony of the place- and the way we have integrated therapies from east and west- yet keeping a very solid foundation in the Minnesota 12 step model. Our team includes outstanding professionals who all have solid UK work experience and training, yet are very at ease with the Mauritian culture and spirit.

A days program of activities with us involves counselling, yoga, tai chi, massage sessions and spiritual awakening using meditative techniques from the orient. Evening lectures are hosted by fascinating lecturers who share their experience of soul searching and self-discovery from a cultural richness of Vedic knowledge, or Sufi wisdom, and Chinese poetry to stir the recesses of our soul

The atmosphere at Les Mariannes Wellness Centre is peaceful, very much like a 4 star hotel, and you have considerable personal space to relax, shed the clutter in your mind, and then expand to a new aura. Our activities will keep you busy, focused and the evenings will let us relax and reprogram you.


25 roomed 4 star hotel facility with exercise room, yoga room, and small library. The grounds have lovely vegetation and you can join us in growing the very vegetables and spices used in our kitchen. Our chef is inventive and the food is a superb blend of taste and visual delights.

Treatment overview

Treatment at Les Mariannes Wellness Centre is clinically on a par with the finest residential rehabilitation hospitals in the US, UK and elsewhere in the world. The Minnesota 12 step program, the professional counselling and psychological exploration and support are all utilized. However we add other unique dimensions to our therapies so that we can address mind, body and spirit…

Yoga sessions loosen the body, calm the agitated mind and unburden the soul. Tai Chi sessions help to rebalance left / right brain activity, and bring a sense of focus to the individual. Then we work with various eastern meditative techniques which rapidly allow the person to reconnect to the source and this in turn helps to maximize the effects of the 12 step therapy.

At Les Mariannes Wellness Centre, we look at all conditions in a holistic way to effect changes in lifestyle that the patient can carry with him for the rest of his life. He will re-enter his life inspired, energized and focused.

Rehab Location & Facilities

Set in the beautiful northern region of cosmopolitan island of Mauritius; Les Mariannes Clinic offers a world class service to help restore balance. The clinic offers the luxury of a hotel underpinned by professional care.

The clinic’s simple, elegant beauty is enhanced by the stunning natural environment. Breath taking views are available overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean on three sides; the east, north and western flanks of the island below. The tranquil setting is surrounded by green fields of sugar cane and pineapples with a mountainous backdrop and an adjacent river with mature olive, mango and lychee trees. The tranquil atmosphere is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a sense of nature, peace and relaxation whilst they recover.

To ensure privacy and safety, the facility has a 24 hour guard and monitoring service.

The facility includes:

•Comfortable en-suite bedrooms with staff call system.
•Daily housekeeping service.
•Daily laundry service.
•Luxurious lounges.
•Individually prepared meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
•Refreshments available on request- 24 hours.
•Accompanied outings to places of interest.
•Access to secure storage.
•Access to internet and telecommunication facilities

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Les Mariannes Wellness Clinic any questions directly

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