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Centre Description

At Burning Tree Recovery we specialise in treating adult male & female clients who have relapsed following primary treatment and/or extensive participation in 12-step fellowships. Continuing research has proven that, for this population, TIME is a critical factor for full rehabilitation. Both of our facilities are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are progressive, fatal diseases which is why we have chosen to provide long term residential treatment to a specific population of alcoholics and addicts with a relapse history.

Burning Tree Recovery Ranch

Burning Tree Programs offer:
-A safe and structured environment to practice sober living
-An innovative treatment approach to ending relapse
-A long term program dedicated to expanding, fortifying and enhancing the process of healing
-A unique and transformational family program that prepares the entire family for ongoing recovery
-An opportunity to enjoy a life of excellence beyond sobriety!

The cost of treatment is $7,200.00* per month– private pay only; we do not accept insurance. Our length of stay is not predetermined; it varies based on personal commitment and the progress of each individual.

Residents are provided Individual, Group and Family Counselling, Chemical Dependency Education, and Life Skills Training. Dually diagnosed clients have the opportunity to receive additional psychotherapy with our psychiatrists. 12-step meeting attendance, using a sponsor and working all 12 steps is required. We expect a commitment from family members and include them in our treatment planning with their loved one. (costs as of 9/1/08; subject to change)

Dual Diagnosis

We take an integrated treatment approach to dual diagnosis. Our team understands the concept of chemical dependency as a primary disease, yet also recognizes that untreated psychiatric disorders are a contributing factor to relapse.

Burning Tree employs psychiatrists who are recognized experts in this field. They are highly skilled in diagnosis, medication and therapy appropriate for other disorders in the context of, and within recommendations for, chemical dependency.

Specialized treatment plans are developed to assist with problematic areas. Clients are given individualized treatment and therapy to assist them in developing coping strategies and structure for daily living.

Transition into a life of excellence

Your clinical program encompasses three phases to allow a seamless transition from intensive treatment to partial treatment and into a life of excellence.

Phase 1 is daily intensive treatment
Phase 2 incorporates community service or part-time work, recovery-related social and recreational activities
The Phase 3 transition houses allow clients to apply their newly established recovery skills in the real world while still allowing the Burning Tree structure and resources as a “safety net.”

Open to people transferring from other treatment programs as well, the cost for the transition houses is $150* weekly.

Our Setting

The physical locations are different, but the philosophy, clinical approach, quality of clinical work and level of care are identical. These peaceful, rural settings are conducive to the process of healing the mind, body and spirit for those who suffer from chemical dependency.

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