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There are many 12 step centers, drug rehabilitation or residential alcohol treatment centers availalable in Dallas and throughout Texas. Almost as many as there are pairs of cowboy boots or big hats. 12 Step alcohol treatment or non 12 step day care ?

Selecting the Dallas / Texas rehab drug or residential alcohol treatment center that suits your needs may take a little bit of effort on your part. 
Before you decide on which Dallas or Texas rehab drug or alcohol residential treatment center you want it is imperative that you find out as much as you can about it. 
This will help the process of choosing which rehab drug or alcohol residential treatment center you want and which residential treatment center will offer you the best treatment and support that you need at this time. 
Find out what is the focus of the drug or alcohol residential treatment center is it primarily a male or female specific client group. Are they drug addiction or alcohol addiction specific or do they cater for all addictions. 
Is there a de tox available from Substance, drug or alcohol abuse.
What form of after care program is offered and does it differ for those who may not complete the rehab drug treatment program. 

Detox, residential or non residential ?

Drug detoxification, and alcohol detoxification are services most drug or alcohol residential treatment centers provide but it is best to make sure before you make a decision.
Ask about what special services are available, you may need a female or male specific service or a HIV / AIDS supportive program.
Do you need a residential or non residential treatment center for your needs. 
Once you have gathered information on as many various Drug rehabilitation programs or rehab drug / residential alcohol treatment centers in Dallas / Texas then you may feel more comfortable making your important decision.

Choose carefully and good luck. This could well be the best decision you make in your life

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