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The effectiveness of residential substance abuse treatment for women was examined using data from the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment’s Residential Women and Children/Pregnant and Postpartum Women (RWC/PPW) Cross-Site Study and two other recent national studies. Treatment success was defined as post treatment abstinence from further drug or alcohol use, measured through in-person follow-up interviews conducted 6-12 months after each client’s discharge. Despite differences in treatment programs, client profiles, follow-up intervals, data collection methods, and other factors, all three studies found high treatment success rates–ranging narrowly from 68% to 71% abstinent–among women who spent six months or more in treatment. Success rates were lower, and between-study differences were larger, for clients with shorter stays in treatment. Controlling for salient client and treatment project characteristics, strong associations between length of stay in treatment and posttreatment abstinence rate were found in all three studies, suggesting that women’s length of stay in residential treatment is a major determinant of treatment effectiveness. In further analysis of RWC/PPW data, treatment completion was also found to be an important outcome factor. Among clients who remained in treatment for at least three months, those who achieved their treatment goals in three to five months abstinence outcomes were as good as those for clients who took more than six months to complete their treatment (76%-78% abstinent) and substantially better than those for clients who did not complete treatment (51%-52% abstinent). Notably, however, most of the RWC/PPW clients who successfully completed treatment (71%) required six months or more to do so.

Article donated by Caliber Associates, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

When looking for an alcohol rehab program or drug rehabilitation center that is suitable for women then it is important to get it right. An alcoholic or addict entering into the wrong alcohol rehab program can do more damage than good. To suffer from an addiction to alcohol and enter the wrong rehab can make the success rate of ongoing recovery almost impossible. If the addict / alcoholic should choose the wrong treatment center or rehabilitation ( rehab ) program then there chances for successfully completing that drug or alcohol rehab treatment program are greatly reduced.

When addiction or alcoholism is being suffered by anyone then a treatment or rehab center offering residential or non residential treatment, from a 12 step treatment program to a non 12 step treatment program must be found. Different USA rehab or alcohol rehabilitation programs can concentrate on different areas of the addiction / alcoholism but the outcome will still be the same. USA drug rehabilitation centers have a large cross section of services and treatments offered. The rehabilitation / rehab center is a term used during the addicts or alcoholics rehabilitation process.

The 12 Step Treatment Centers will encourage contact with local self help fellowships like Narcotics Anonymous ( NA ) Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ) Cocaine Anonymous ( CA ) etc. A strong connection with these 12 Step meetings is extremely important for ongoing recovery once treatment has finished.

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