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Sober coaching

Throughout Europe

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Sober coaching supply’s support to those in active addictions or early recovery from drugs, alcohol, co-dependency, or any other addictive behaviours.

Sober coach or companion

An experienced sober coach plays a significant role in the client’s day-to-day journey of early recovery. They are usually available 24/7 as a source of support with scheduled hours throughout the week.

The difference with a sober companion is they would live at the client’s home or residence 24 hours a day for as long as needed. The goal will be to create a manageable healthy lifestyle to maintain ongoing recovery during the difficult days of early recovery

Sober companion

Our sober companions are a need for those seeking structure and constant supervision plus give support with the following

  • Help prepare your home for living in recovery/sobriety
  • Support client in early days at home from rehab
  • Accompany client to self help meetings such as AA, NA or CA
  • Assist client with reintegration back into society
  • Help plan a healthy diet and educate on proper nutrition
  • Inspire fitness and wellness routines
  • Help finding local services for continuing care
  • Motivate client to look, feel, and be their best in all situations
  • Develop a recovery network to support their recovery
  • Listen, talk and share any uncomfortable concerns with
  • Encourage actions that build self-confidence
  • Facilitate reintroduction back into family environment
  • Provide support if returning to a work environment

Sober coach

The primary purpose of a sober coach is helping the client implement a plan of action for a new recovery lifestyle. Our coach helps the client utilise the new recovery tools learnt in treatment. This plan will include time for the following.

  • Helps to establish new routines,sleep, healthy diet, positive habits.
  • Work with client to improve family dynamics
  • Provide transport to any after care facilities arranged
  • Encourage and support with all 12 step meetings attendance
  • Be available 24 hours daily for relapse prevention support
  • Encourage client to take responsibility for self and personal recovery

Performing artists on tour

All of the above is also offered to artists, entertainers, bands or individual musicians that need to be on the road touring/performing. In early recovery these commitments can raise very difficult triggers leading to possible relapse. Having a companion on 24-hour call helps alleviate the stresses of these situations plus gives a much-needed forum to process the difficulties at any time of day or night.  

Sober escort

A sober escort to safely accompany an individual from one point to another is basically a trained to travel sober companion. This escort will travel anywhere at short notice with a client that may or may not be still using drink or drugs. The client must not need medical attention and able to travel safely. Our escort can help with packing for rehabilitation locally or for travelling via plane train boat or automobile. This service is for those not feeling they can trust themselves travelling alone or making important appointments, police, courts, probation etc.

  • Take client to and from treatment
  • Transfer from one treatment centre to another
  • Accompany trips from home to court, police, probation
  • Travel to rehabilitation abroad
  • Take from detox discharge to treatment centre
  • Transfer from jail to treatment centre

Why Sober Coaching

  • Our sober coaches are available 24 hours a day and meet with clients as often as the client needs and day of the week.
  • Trained sober coaches specifically target addiction issues
  • Sober coaches will visit clients at home, accompany them to recovery meetings such as AA,NA or CA
  • Assist in finding supported accommodation if appropriate

People with addiction issues, use substances or engage in behaviours that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. This can be an endless battle for loved one’s to witness and a battle that with the correct support and guidance can be overcome.

A good sober coach will be in recovery themselves so able to navigate and understand the challenges the client faces. These challenges can include family gatherings, returning to work, attending self help groups, identifying relapse triggers or simply functioning within a day to day routine. A sober coach understands the difficulties in stopping and staying stopped so will help the client create realistic goals, healthy boundaries and engage with sober activities. All of this will give the client the tools needed to maintain long-term ongoing recovery from active addiction or addictions.


Our coach has over 29 years of personal recovery having worked with addiction clients for over 27 of these. This includes drug using clients in a needle exchange setting through to managing rehabilitation centres, creating dry house and de-tox in the community services plus creating a 12 step prison program. After working with addiction clients individually at all stages of using / early recovery during this time, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our sober coaching services. 

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