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Bank Holiday spiritual quotes

Please post an inspirational daily quote or reading in the comment section for the bank holiday weekend.

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  • California Colin :)

    Good day guys, enjoy the weekend and stay safe 🙂

    Remember, there are many people struggling who would love to have one of your bad days.

  • I hear this once and it really struck me to have a look at my own behavior.

    Talking about our problems becomes our greatest addiction, break the habit, talk about your joys 🙂

    Love to all x

  • Here is my reading for today, stay cool 🙂

    Walk In Dry Places

    Giving The Right Support
    Carrying the Message
    We’re surrounded by people who need help-financial and otherwise.
    It is sometimes tempting to believe that we can and should reach out to improve the conditions
    of their lives.
    This is not always an easy thing to do, or even a right thing to do. The early AA members
    who tried this finally decided to limit most of their help simply to carrying the 1Welve Step message.
    While this seemed callous, it was really the only practical approach to a difficult problem.
    Many people are able to solve their own financial problems when they really understand and
    practice the twelve Step program. If they still need other assistance, it is then given and received in
    ways that work. In any case, we should always seek guidance and direction from our Higher Power
    when considering or offering any kind of assistance. We’ll then know that any support we give will
    be the right kind.
    I’ll be willing today to assist others in any way I can. I will not, however, take responsibility for
    running their lives.

  • Good day to one and all from sunny San Francisco 🙂 here’s my little contribution for you with love xx

    “Take life one day at a time. There’s no need to finish everything all at once. Avoid a hectic day and just breathe.”

  • For us muppets in ongoing recovery.
    “Addiction, like Oscar the Grouch, thrives on negativity — he loves trash and trashing others. You would never catch Oscar on one of the Twelve Steps — they’re designed as a way out of the garbage can. Happy, joyous, and free isn’t a message to be preached — you can only deliver it by the brightness of your own spirit.”

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