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12 Step Recovery Readings December

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  • California Colin :)

    Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    The thoughts that come before having a slip are often
    largely subconscious. It is a question whether or not
    our subconscious minds ever become entirely free from
    alcoholic thoughts as long as we live. For instance,
    some of us dream about being drunk when we are asleep,
    even after several years of sobriety in A.A. During the
    period of our drinking days, our subconscious minds have
    been thoroughly conditioned by our alcoholic way of
    thinking and it is doubtful that they ever become
    entirely free of such thoughts during our lifetime. But
    when our conscious minds are fully conditioned against
    drinking, we can stay sober and our subconscious minds
    do not often bother us. Am I still conditioning my conscious

    Meditation For The Day

    Having sympathy and compassion for all who are in
    temptation, a condition which we are sometimes in, we
    have a responsibility towards them. Sympathy always
    includes responsibility. Pity is useless because it does
    not have a remedy for the need. But wherever our sympathy
    goes, our responsibility goes too. When we are moved with
    compassion, we should go to the one in need and bind up
    his wounds as best we can.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may have sympathy for those in temptation.
    I pray that I may have compassion for others’ trials.

  • Suzy :) Just For Today xx

    NA Just For Today

    Romance And Recovery

    “Relationships can be a terribly painful area.”
    Basic Text pg. 78

    Love is like an elixir for some of us. The excitement of a new lover, the intrigue of exploring intimacy, the sense of release we get from allowing ourselves to become vulnerable – these are all powerful emotions. But we can’t forget that we have only a daily reprieve from our addiction. Holding onto this daily reprieve must be the top priority in any recovering addict’s life.

    We can become too involved in our relationship. We can neglect old friends and our sponsor in the process. Then, when things get difficult, we often feel that we can no longer reach out to those who helped us prior to our romantic involvement. This belief can lay the groundwork for a relapse. By consistently working our program and attending meetings, we ensure that we have a network of recovery, even when we’re deep in a romance.

    Our desire to be romantically involved is natural. But we mustn’t forget that, without our program, even the healthiest relationship will not guard us against the strength of our addiction.

    Just for today: In my desire for romance, I will not ignore my recovery.

  • December 2

    Daily Reflections


    Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, . . .

    As I continued to go to meetings and work the Steps, something began to happen to me. I
    felt confused because I wasn’t sure what it was that I was feeling, and then I realized I
    was experiencing serenity. It was a good feeling, but where had it come from? Then I
    realized it had come “. . .as the result of these steps.” The program may not always be
    easy to practice, but I had to acknowledge that my serenity had come to me after working
    the Steps. As I work the Steps in everything I do, practicing these principles in all my
    affairs, now I find that I am awake to God, to others, and to myself. The spiritual
    awakening I have enjoyed as the result of working the Steps is the awareness that I am
    no longer alone.

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    The length of time of our sobriety is not as important as
    the quality of it. A person who has been in A.A. for a number
    of years may not be in as good mental condition as a person
    who has only been in a few months. It is a great
    satisfaction to have been an A.A. member for a long time
    and we often mention it. It may sometimes help the newer
    members, because they may say to themselves, if they can do
    it I can do it. And yet the older members must realize
    that as long as they live they are only one drink away
    from a drunk. What is the quality of my sobriety?

    Meditation For The Day

    “And greater works than this shall ye do.” We can do
    greater works when we have more experience of the new way
    of life. We can have all the power we need from the Unseen
    God. We can have His grace, His spirit, to make us effective
    as we go along each day. Opportunities for a better world
    are all around us. Greater works can we do. But we do not
    work alone. The power of God is behind all good works.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may find my rightful place in the world.
    I pray that my works may be made more effective by the
    grace of God.

  • A Day At A Time

    Reflection For The Day

    Have i ever stopped to think that the impulse to “blow off steam” and say something unkind or even vicious will, if followed through, hurt me far more seriously than the person to whom the insult is directed? I must try constantly to quiet my mind before I act with impatience or hostility, for my mind can be — in that very real way — an enemy as great as any I’ve ever known. Will I look before I leap, think before I speak — and try to avoid self-will to the greatest extent possible?

    Today I Pray

    May I remember that my blow-ups and explosions, when they are torrents of accusations or insults, hurt me just as much as the other person. May I try not to let my anger get to the blow-up stage, simply be recognizing it as I go along and stating it as a fact.

    Today I Will Remember

    Keep a loose lid on the teapot.

  • December 11

    Daily Reflections


    . . . . we are actually to practice a genuine humility. This is to the end
    that our great blessings may never spoil us; that we shall forever live
    in thankful contemplation of Him who presides over us all.

    Experience has taught me that my alcoholic personality tends to be
    grandiose. While having seemingly good intentions, I can go off on
    tangents in pursuit of my “causes.” My ego takes over and I lose
    sight of my primary purpose. I may even take credit for God’s
    handiwork in my life. Such an overstated feeling of my own
    importance is dangerous to my sobriety and could cause great harm
    to A.A. as a whole. My safeguard, the Twelfth Tradition, serves to
    keep me humble. I realize, both as an individual and as a member of
    the Fellowship, that I cannot boast of my accomplishments, and that
    “God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.”

  • Suzy :) Just for today

    NA Just For Today

    Addiction, Drugs, And Recovery

    “Addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease that affects every area of our lives.”
    Basic Text pg. 20

    Before we started using, most of us had a stereotype, a mental image of what addicts were supposed to look like. Some of us pictured a junkie robbing convenience markets for drug money. Others imagined a paranoid recluse peering at life from behind perpetually drawn drapes and locked doors. As long as we didn’t fit any of the stereotypes, we thought, we couldn’t be addicts.

    As our using progressed, we discarded those misconceptions about addiction, only to come up with another: the idea that addiction was about drugs. We may have thought addiction meant a physical habit, believing any drug that didn’t produce physical habituation was not “addictive.” Or we thought the drugs we took were causing all our problems. We thought that merely getting rid of the drugs would restore sanity to our lives.

    One of the most important lessons we learn in Narcotics Anonymous is that addiction is much more than the drugs we used. Addiction is a part of us; it’s an illness that involves every area of our lives, with or without drugs. We can see its effects on our thoughts, our feelings, and our behavior, even after we stop using. Because of this, we need a solution that works to repair every area of our lives: the Twelve Steps.

    Just for today: Addiction is not a simple disease, but it has a simple solution. Today, I will live in that solution: the Twelve Steps of recovery.

  • December 15

    Daily Reflections


    Offer him [the alcoholic] friendship and fellowship. Tell
    him that if he wants to get well you will do anything to

    I remember how attracted I was to the two men from A.A.
    who Twelfth-Stepped me. They said I could have what they
    had, with no conditions attached, that all I had to do was
    make my own decision to join them on the pathway to
    recovery. When I start convincing a newcomer to do things
    my way, I forget how helpful those two men were to me in
    their open-minded generosity.

  • Suzy :) Just For Today xx

    NA Just For Today

    Where There’s Smoke…

    “Complacency is the enemy of members with substantial clean time. If we remain complacent for long, the recovery process ceases.”
    Basic Text pg. 80

    Recognizing complacency in our recovery is like seeing smoke in a room. The “smoke” thickens when our meeting attendance drops, contact with newcomers decreases, or relations with our sponsor aren’t maintained. With continued complacency; we won’t be able to see through the smoke to find our way out. Only our immediate response will prevent an inferno.

    We must learn to recognize the smoke of complacency. In NA, we have all the help We need to do that. We need to spend time with other recovering addicts because they may detect our complacency before we do. Newcomers will remind us of how painful active addiction can be. Our sponsor will help us remain focused, and recovery literature kept in easy reach can be used to extinguish the small flare-ups that happen from time to time. Regular participation in our recovery will surely enable us to see that wisp of smoke long before it becomes a major inferno.

    Just for today: I will participate in the full range of my recovery; My commitment to NA is just as strong today as it was in the beginning of my recovery.

  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

    Step Six – “Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

    The moment we say, “No, never!” our minds close against the grace of God. Delay is dangerous, and rebellion may be fatal. This is the exact point at which we abandon limited objectives, and move toward God’s will for us

    p. 69

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Fourth Edition Stories

    Because I’m An Alcoholic

    This drinker finally found the answer to her nagging question, “Why?”

    I read everything I could about this disease I have. My readings recounted the course I had lived and predicted the way I would die if I continued drinking. I had access to a good medical library, but after a while, I realized genetics and chemistry of the disease were of no use to me as an alcoholic. All that I needed to know about it, what would help get me sober, help me recover, I could learn in A.A.

    p. 344

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    The skeptic and the agnostic say it is impossible for us to
    find the answer to life. Many have tried and failed. But
    many have put aside intellectual pride and have said to
    themselves: Who am I to say there is no God? Who am I to
    say there is no purpose in life? The atheist makes a
    declaration: “The world originated in a cipher and aimlessly
    rushes nowhere.” Others live for the moment and do not even
    think about why they are here or where they are going. They
    might as well be clams on the bottom of the ocean, protected
    by their hard shells of indifference. They do not care. Do I care
    where I am going?

    Meditation For The Day

    We may consider the material world as the clay which the
    artist works with, to make of it something beautiful or ugly.
    We need not fear material things, which are neither good nor
    bad in the moral sense. There seems to be no active force for
    evil–outside of human beings themselves. Humans alone can
    have either evil intentions–resentments, malevolence, hate and
    revenge–or good intentions–love and good will. They can make
    something ugly or something beautiful out of the clay of their lives.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may make something beautiful out of my life.
    I pray that I may be a good artisan of the materials which
    I have been given to use.

  • December 22

    Daily Reflections


    The way our “worthy” alcoholics have sometimes tried to judge the
    “less worthy” is, as we look back on it, rather comical. Imagine, if
    you can, one alcoholic judging another!

    Who am I to judge anyone? When I first entered the Fellowship I
    found that I liked everyone. After all, A.A. was going to help me to a
    better way of life without alcohol. The reality was that I couldn’t
    possibly like everyone, nor they me. As I’ve grown in the Fellowship,
    I’ve learned to love everyone just from listening to what they had to
    say. That person over there, or the one right here, may be the one
    God has chosen to give me the message I need for today. I must
    always remember to place principles above personalities.

  • Suzy :) Just For Today xx

    Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    We have been given a new life, just because we happened to become alcoholics. We
    certainly don’t deserve the new life that has been given us. There is little in our past to
    warrant the life we have now. Many people live good lives from their youth on, not getting
    into serious trouble, being well adjusted to life, and yet they have not found all that
    we drunks have found. We had the good fortune to find Alcoholics Anonymous and with it
    a new life. We are among the lucky few in the world who have learned a new way of life.
    Am I deeply grateful for the new life that I have learned in A.A.?

    Meditation For The Day

    A deep gratitude to the Higher Power for all the blessings which we have and which we
    don’t deserve has come to us. We thank God and mean it. Then comes service to our
    fellow men, out of gratitude for what we have received. This entails some sacrifice of
    ourselves and our own affairs. But we are glad to do it. Gratitude, service, and then
    sacrifice are the steps that lead to good A.A. work. They open the door to a new life for

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may gladly serve others, out of deep gratitude for what I have received. I
    pray that I may keep a deep sense of obligation.

  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

    Step Seven – “Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. ”

    So it is that we first see humility as a necessity. But this is the barest beginning. To get completely away from our aversion to the idea of being humble, to gain a vision of humility as the avenue to true freedom of the human spirit, to be willing to work for humility as something to be desired for itself, takes most of us a long, long time. A whole lifetime geared to self-centeredness cannot be set in reverse all at once. Rebellion dogs our every step at first.

    p. 73

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    Participating in the privileges of the movement, I shall
    share in the responsibilities, taking it upon myself to
    carry my fair share of the load, not grudgingly but
    joyfully. I am deeply grateful for the privileges I
    enjoy because of my membership in this great movement.
    They put an obligation upon me which I will not shirk.
    I will gladly carry my fair share of the burdens.
    Because of the joy of doing them, they will no longer be
    burdens, but opportunities. Will I accept every opportunity

    Meditation For The Day

    Work and prayer are the two forces which are gradually
    making a better world. We must work for the betterment of
    ourselves and our fellow men. Faith without works is dead.
    But all work with people should be based on prayer. If we
    say a little prayer before we speak or try to help, it
    will make us more effective. Prayer is the force behind
    the work. Prayer is based on faith that God is working
    with us and through us. We can believe that nothing is
    impossible in human relationships, if we depend on the
    help of God.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that my life may be balanced between prayer and
    work. I pray that I may not work without prayer or pray
    without work.

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