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12 Step Blog, Readings or quotes
Feel free to post any of this weeks readings or spiritual quotes you connect with in the comment section. Monday 4th January through to Sunday 10th January.

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  • December 1

    Daily Reflections


    Our Twelfth Step also says that as a result of practicing
    all the Steps, we have each found something called a
    spiritual awakening. . . . A.A.’s manner of making ready
    to receive this gift lies in the practice of the Twelve
    Steps in our program.”

    I remember my sponsor’s answer when I told him that the
    Steps were “suggested.” He replied that they are
    “suggested” in the same way that, if you were to jump
    out of a airplane with a parachute, it is “suggested”
    that you pull the ripcord to save your life. He pointed
    out that it was “suggested” I practice the Twelve Steps,
    if I wanted to save my life. So I try to remember daily
    that I have a whole program of recovery based on all
    Twelve of the “suggested” Steps.

  • As Bill Sees It

    Quantity or Quality, p. 11

    “About this slip business–I would not be too discouraged. I think you
    are suffering a great deal from a needless guilt. For some reason or
    other, the Lord has laid out tougher paths for some of us, and I guess
    you are treading one of them. God is not asking us to be successful. He
    is only asking us to try to be. That, you surely are doing, and have been
    doing. So I would not stay away from A.A. through any feeling of
    discouragement or shame. It’s just the place you should be. Why don’t
    you try just as a member? You don’t have to carry the whole A.A. on
    your back, you know!

    “It is not always the quantity of good things that you do, it is also the
    quality that counts.

    “Above all, take it one day at a time.”

    Letter, 1958

  • NA Just For Today

    Life’s Rewards

    “We begin to pray only for God’s will for us. That way, we get only what we are capable of handling.”
    Basic Text pg. 47

    Imagine what might happen if God gave us everything we wanted. A fabulous new car, straight A’s, a triple salary raise – all ours without effort, just for the asking.

    Now imagine the problems that come along with unearned riches, new luxury cars, and unmerited scholastic recognition. What would we do with a huge salary raise that had been granted for no reason? How would we handle our new financial responsibilities? And how would we live up to that raise? Could we ever make it appear that we deserve such pay when we know we don’t?

    What about that fantastic new car? Most come with expensive insurance premiums and hefty maintenance costs. Are we prepared to care for what we’ve asked for?

    Academic honors? Could we perform like A students after we’d been given high marks we hadn’t earned? What would we do if we were exposed as frauds?

    When we talk to God, we need to remember that we live in the real world. We earn rewards and learn to handle them as we do. Confining our prayers to requests for knowledge of God’s will, the power to carry it out, and the ability to live with the consequences will ensure that we get no more than we can handle.

    Just for today: I will pray only for knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out in the real world.

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    People who had a slip are ashamed of themselves–sometimes so ashamed that they fear to go back to A.A. They develop the old inferiority complex and tell themselves that they are no good, that they are hopeless, and that they can never make it. This state of mind is perhaps worse than it was originally. They have probably been somewhat weakened by their slip. But their A.A. training cannot ever be entirely lost. They always know they can go back if they want to. They know there is still God’s help for them if they will again ask for it. Do I believe that I can never entirely lose what I have learned in A.A.?

    Meditation For The Day

    Nobody entirely escapes temptation. You must expect it and be ready for it when it comes. None of us is entirely safe. You must try to keep your defenses up by daily thought and prayer. That is why we have these daily meditations. You must be able to recognize temptation when it comes. The first step toward conquering temptation always is to see it clearly as temptation and not to harbor it in your mind. Dissociate yourself from it, put it out of your mind as soon as it appears. Do not think of excuses for yielding to it. Turn at once to the Higher Power for help.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may be prepared for whatever temptation may come to me. I pray that I may see it clearly and avoid it with the help of God.

  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

    Step Seven – “Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. ”

    For us, the process of gaining a new perspective was unbelievably painful. It was only by repeated humiliations that we were forced to learn something about humility. It was only at the end of a long road, marked by successive defeats and humiliations, and the final crushing of our self sufficiency, that we began to feel humility as something more than a condition of groveling despair. Every newcomer in Alcoholics Anonymous is told, and soon realizes for himself, that his humble admission of powerlessness over alcohol is his first step toward liberation from its paralyzing grip.

    pp. 72-73

  • January 4

    Daily Reflections


    We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a
    beginning. A much more important demonstration of our
    principles lies before us in our respective homes,
    occupations and affairs.

    It’s usually pretty easy for me to be pleasant to the
    people in an A.A. setting. While I’m working to stay
    sober, I’m celebrating with my fellow A.A.s our common
    release from the hell of drinking. It’s often not so
    hard to spread glad tidings to my old and new friends
    in the program. At home or at work, though, it can be
    a difference story. It is in situations arising in
    both of those areas that the little day-to-day
    frustrations are most evident, and where it can be
    tough to smile or reach out with a kind word or an
    attentive ear. It’s outside of the A.A. rooms that
    I face the real test of the effectiveness of my walk
    through A.A.’s Twelve Steps.

  • Suzy :) Just for today

    NA Just For Today

    January 4

    The Love of the Fellowship

    “Today secure in the love of the fellowship, we can finally look another human being in the eye and be grateful for who we are.”
    Basic Text p. 89

    When we were using, few of us could tolerate looking someone in the eye-we were ashamed of who we were. Our minds were not occupied with anything decent or healthy, and we knew it. Our time, money, and energy weren’t spent building loving relationships, sharing with others, or seeking to better our communities. We were trapped in a spiral of obsession and compulsion that went only in one direction: downward.

    In recovery, our journey down that spiral path has been cut short. But what is it that has turned us around, drawing us back upward into the open spaces of the wide, free world? The love of the fellowship has done this.

    In the company of other addicts, we knew we would not be rejected. By the example of other addicts, we were shown how to begin taking a positive part in the life around us. When we were unsure which way to turn, when we stumbled, when we had to correct a wrong we had done, we knew our fellow members were there to encourage us.

    Slowly, we’ve gotten the feel of our freedom. No longer are we locked up in our disease; we are free to build and grow and share along with everyone else. And when we need support to take our next step, it is there. The security we’ve found in the love of the fellowship has made our new lives possible.

    Just for today: I can look anyone in the eye without shame. I am grateful for the loving support that has made this possible.

  • California Colin :)

    Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    Keeping sober is the most important thing in my life.
    The most important decision I ever made was my decision
    to give up drinking. I am convinced that my whole life
    depends on not taking that first drink. Nothing in the
    world is as important to me as my own sobriety. Everything
    I have, my whole life depends on that one thing. Can I afford
    ever to forget this, even for one minute?

    Meditation For The Day

    I will discipline myself. I will do this disciplining now.
    I will turn out all useless thoughts. I know that the
    goodness of my life is a necessary foundation for its
    usefulness. I will welcome this training, for without it
    God cannot give me his power. I believe that this power
    is a mighty power when used in the right way.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may face and accept whatever discipline is
    necessary. I pray that I may be fit to receive God’s power
    in my life.

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