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12 Step quotes & readings for the week

Please post today’s or any day this weeks daily quote or spiritual reading in the comment section below. Monday 14th September through to Sunday 20th September.

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  • This will do for me today 🙂

    As Bill Sees It

    A “Special” Experience?, p.256

    I was the recipient of a tremendous mystic experience or “illumination,” and at first it was very natural for me to feel that this experience staked me out as somebody very special.

    But as I look now back upon this tremendous event, I can only feel very grateful. It now seems clear that the only special features of my experience were its suddenness and the overwhelming and immediate conviction that it carried.

    In all other respects, however, I am sure that my own experience was essentially like that received by any A.A. member who has strenuously practiced our recovery program. Surely, the grace he receives is also
    of God; the only difference is that he becomes aware of his gift more gradually.

    Grapevine, July 1962

  • Morning all 🙂

    NA Just For Today

    Secrets Are Reservations

    “Eventually we are shown that we must get honest, or we will use again.”

    Basic Text p.82

    Everyone has secrets, right? Some of us have little secrets, items that would cause only minor embarrassment if found out. Some of us have big secrets, whole areas of our lives cloaked in thick, murky darkness. Big secrets may represent a more obvious, immediate danger to our recovery. But the little secrets do their own kind of damage, the more insidious perhaps because we think they’re “harmless!”

    Big or little, our secrets represent spiritual territory we are unwilling to surrender to the principles of recovery. The longer we reserve pieces of our lives to be ruled by self-will and the more vigorously we defend our “right” to hold onto them, the more damage we do. Gradually, the unsurrendered territories of our lives tend to expand, taking more and more ground.

    Whether the secrets in our lives are big or little, sooner or later they bring us to the same place. We must choose-either we surrender everything to our program, or we will lose our recovery.

    Just for today: I want the kind of recovery that comes from total surrender to the program. Today I will talk with my sponsor and disclose my secrets, big or small.

    pg. 268

  • I’m sharing todays AA daily reflections 🙂 enjoy.

    Daily Reflections


    . . . no society of men and women ever had a more urgent need for
    continuous effectiveness and permanent unity. We alcoholics see that
    we must work together and hang together, else most of us will finally
    die alone.
    Alcoholics Anonymous, p.563

    Just as the Twelve Steps of A.A. are written in a specific sequence for
    a reason, so it is with the Twelve Traditions. The First Step and the
    First Tradition attempt to instill in me enough humility to allow me a
    chance at survival. Together they are the basic foundation upon which
    the Steps and Traditions that follow are built. It is a process of ego
    deflation which allows me to grow as an individual through the Steps,
    and as a contributing member of a group through the Traditions. Full
    acceptance of the First Tradition allows me to set aside personal
    ambitions, fears and anger when they are in conflict with the common
    good, thus permitting me to work with others for our mutual survival.
    Without Tradition One I stand little chance of maintaining the unity
    required to work with others effectively, and I also stand to lose the
    remaining Traditions, the Fellowship, and my life.

  • Suzy :) Just for today

    Here is today’s reading from the NA Just For Today

    Emotional Balance

    “Emotional balance is one of the first results of meditation, and our experience bears this out.”
    Basic Text p.45

    Though each of us defines “emotional balance” a little differently, all of us must find it. Emotional balance can mean finding and maintaining a positive outlook on life, regardless of what may be happening around us. To some, it might mean an understanding of our emotions that allows us to respond, not react, to our feelings. It can mean that we experience our feelings as intensely as we can while also moderating their excessive expression.

    Emotional balance comes with practice in prayer and meditation. We get quiet and share our thoughts and hopes and concerns with the God of our understanding. Then we listen for guidance, awaiting the power to act on that direction.

    Eventually, our skills in maintaining near-balance get better, and the wild up-and-down emotional swings we used to experience begin to settle. We develop an ability to let others feel their feelings; we have no need to judge them. And we fully embrace our own personal range of emotions.

    Just for today: Through regular prayer and meditation, I will discover what emotional balance means to me.
    pg. 270

  • Suzy :) Just for today

    First face to face meeting in 6 months and it was awesome 🙂
    NA Just For Today

    Going Beyond Step Five

    “We may think that we have done enough by writing about our past. We cannot afford this mistake.”
    Basic Text p.32

    Some of us aren’t too keen on writing out our Fourth Step; others take it to an obsessive extreme. To our sponsor’s growing dismay, we inventory ourselves again and again. We discover everything there is to know about why we were the way we were. We have the idea that thinking, writing, and talking about our past is enough. We hear none of our sponsor’s suggestions to become entirely ready to have our defects removed or make amends for the harm we’ve caused. We simply write more about those defects and delightedly share our fresh insights. Finally, our worn-out sponsor withdraws from us in self-defense.

    Extreme as this scenario may seem, many of us have found ourselves in just such a situation. Thinking, writing, and talking about what was wrong with us made us feel like we had it all under control. Sooner or later, however, we realized we were stuck in our problems, the solutions nowhere in sight. We knew that, if we wanted to live differently, we would have to move on beyond Step Five in our program. We began to seek the willingness to have a Higher Power remove the character defects of which we’d become so intensely aware. We made amends for the destruction we had caused others in acting out on those defects. Only then did we begin to experience the freedom of an awakening spirit. Today, we’re no longer victims; we are free to move on in our recovery.

    Just for today: Although necessary, Steps Four and Five alone will not bring about emotional and spiritual recovery. I will take them, and then I will act on them.
    pg. 271

  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

    Step Four – “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

    Yet these instincts, so necessary for our existence, often far exceed their proper functions. Powerfully, blindly, many times subtly, they drive us, dominate us, and insist upon ruling our lives. Our desires for sex, for material and emotional security, and for an important place in society often tyrannize us. When thus out of joint, man’s natural desires cause him great trouble, practically all the trouble there is. No human being, however good, is exempt from these troubles. Nearly every serious emotional problem can be seen as a case of misdirected instinct. When that happens, our great natural assets, the instincts, have turned into physical and mental liabilities.

    p. 42

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    Step Four is, “Made a searching and fearless moral
    inventory of ourselves.” Step Five is, ” Admitted to
    God to ourselves and to another human being the exact
    nature of our wrongs.” Step Six is, “Were entirely
    ready to have God remove all these defects of
    character.” Step Seven is, “Humbly asked Him to remove
    our shortcomings.” Step Ten is, “Continued to take
    personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly
    admitted it.” In taking a personal inventory, we have
    to be absolutely honest with ourselves and with
    other people. Have I taken an honest inventory of myself?

    Meditation For The Day

    God is good. You can often tell whether or not a thing
    is of God. If it is of God, it must be good. Honesty,
    purity, unselfishness, and love are all good, unselfish
    helpfulness is good, and these things all lead to the
    abundant life. Leave in God’s hands the present
    and the future, knowing only that He is good. The hand
    that veils the future is the hand of God. He can bring
    order out of chaos, good out of evil, and peace out of
    turmoil. We can believe that everything really good comes
    from God and that He shares His goodness with us.

    Prayer For The Day

    I pray that I may reach out for the good.
    I pray that I may try to choose the best in life.

  • NA Just For Today

    Courage To Change

    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
    Serenity Prayer

    Recovery involves change, and change means doing things differently. The problem is, many of us resist doing things differently; what we’re doing may not be working, but at least we’re familiar with it. It takes courage to step out into the unknown. How do we find that courage?

    We can look around ourselves at NA meetings. There, we see others who’ve found they needed to change what they were doing and who’ve done so successfully. Not only does that help quiet our fear that change – any change – spells disaster, it also gives us the benefit of their experience with what does work, experience we can use in changing what doesn’t.

    We can also look at our own recovery experience. Even if that experience, so far, has been limited to stopping the use of drugs, still we have made many changes in our lives – changes for the good. Whatever aspects of our lives we have applied the steps to, we have always found surrender better than denial, recovery superior to addiction. Our own experience and the experience of others in NA tells us that “changing the things I can” is a big part of what recovery is all about. The steps and the power to practice them give us the direction and courage we need to change. We have nothing to fear.

    Just for today: I welcome change. With the help of my Higher Power, I will find the courage to change the things I can.
    pg. 274

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