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  • Suzy :) Just for today

    NA Just For Today

    Amends Without Expectations

    “Projections about actually making amends can be a major obstacle both in making the list and in becoming willing.” Basic Text p.38

    The Eighth Step asks us to become willing to make amends to all persons we have harmed. As we approach this step, we may wonder what the outcome of our amends will be. Will we be forgiven? Relieved of any lingering guilt? Or will we be tarred and feathered by the persons we’ve harmed?

    Our tendency to seek forgiveness must be surrendered if we expect to receive the spiritual benefits of the Eighth and Ninth Steps. If we approach these steps expecting anything, we’re likely to be very disappointed with the results. We want to ask ourselves if we are pinning our hopes on gaining the forgiveness of the person to whom we are making amends. Or maybe we’re hoping we’ll be excused from our debts by some sympathetic creditor moved to tears by our hard-luck story.

    We need to be willing to make our amends regardless of the outcome. We can plan the amends, but we can’t plan the results. Although we may not be granted a full pardon by everyone to whom we owe amends, we will learn to forgive ourselves. In the process, we will find that we no longer have to carry the burdens of the past.

    Just for today: I will let go of any expectations I have on the people to whom I owe amends.

    pg. 292

  • Each Day a New Beginning

    Many people are living in an emotional jail without recognizing it. –Virginia Satir
    Each of us is blessed with an internal guide, a source able to direct our actions if we
    but acknowledge it. Never are we in doubt for long about what path to take. The
    courage to take it might not be immediately forthcoming; however, it, too, is one
    of the gifts with which we’ve been blessed. Courage is ours for the asking. Right
    direction is ours for the taking.
    Trusting our inner selves takes practice, followed by attention to the results of our risks.
    Before recovery, many of us passively waited for others to orchestrate our behavior,
    our feelings, and our attitudes. Stepping forward as the leading lady, with our own script
    in hand is quite a change, but one we are being coached, daily, to make.
    The Steps help us to know who we are. More importantly, they help us become the women
    we long to be. But most important, they offer us the spiritual strength to risk listening to
    the message within and the strength to go forth as directed.
    Right results, again and again, are elicited by right action. And my knowledge of the right
    action is always, and forever, as close as myself.

  • October 8

    Daily Reflections


    . . . . and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

    I was beginning to approach my new life of sobriety with
    unaccustomed enthusiasm. New friends were cropping up
    and some of my battered friendships had begun to be
    repaired. Life was exciting, and I even began to enjoy my
    work, becoming so bold as to issue a report on the lack
    of proper care for some of our clients. One day a co-worker
    informed me that my boss was really sore because a complaint,
    submitted over his head, had caused him much discomfort at
    the hands of his superiors. I knew that my report had created
    the problem, and began to feel responsible for my boss’s
    difficulty. In discussing the affair, my co-worker tried to
    reassure me that an apology was not necessary, but I soon
    became convinced that I had to do something, regardless of how
    it might turn out. When I approached my boss and owned up to
    my hand in his difficulties, he was surprised. But unexpected
    things came out of our encounter, and my boss and I were able
    to agree to interact more directly and effectively in the future.

  • Each Day a New Beginning

    The great creative power is everything. If you leave out one whole chunk of it,
    by making God only masculine, you have to redress the balance. –Martha Boesing
    What a blessing, to be part of God! For many of us, invoking God with a male
    pronoun put an obstacle in the path of our spiritual growth. We felt left out.
    Worship of something called “He” or “Him” didn’t jibe with our spirituality.
    When we pray, we pray to a spiritual source that includes everything, that leaves
    nothing out: sexes, all races, all ages and conditions.
    Some of us had no trouble understanding that God is everything, no matter how
    God is invoked. But whatever our path to spirituality, the Twelve Step program
    has enriched our understanding. Before we practiced the Twelve Steps, we had
    allowed ourselves to forget the strength and nurture that are always at hand,
    and now we are grateful to be reminded that God is with us, within us, and all is well.
    One woman says, “When I feel far from God, I ask myself: Who moved?”
    God is always there. Today I will pray for the wisdom to stay close to my spiritual
    source, the Creator Spirit.

  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day

    A.A. Thought For The Day

    How good a sponsor am I? When I bring new members to a meeting,
    do I feel that my responsibility has ended? Or do I make it my
    job to stay with them until they have either become good members
    of A.A. or have found another sponsor? If they don’t show up for
    a meeting, do I say to myself: “Well they’ve had it put up to
    them, so if they don’t want it, there’s nothing more I can do? ”
    Or do I look them up and find out whether there is a reason for
    their absences or that they don’t want A.A.? Do I go out of my
    way to find out if there is anything more I can do to help? Am I a good sponsor?

    Meditation For The Day

    “First be reconciled to your brother and then come and offer
    your gift to God.” First I must get right with other people and
    then I can get right with God. If I hold a resentment against
    someone, which I find it very difficult to overcome, I should
    try to put something else constructive into my mind. I should
    pray for the one against whom I hold the resentment. I should
    put that person in God’s hands and let God show him or her the
    way to live. “If a man say: ‘I love God’ and hateth his brother,
    he is a liar, for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath
    seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

    Prayer For The Day
    I pray that I may see something good in every person, even one I
    dislike, and that I may let God develop the good in that person.

  • NA Just For Today

    Eyeglasses And Attitudes

    “Our best thinking got us into trouble…. Recovery is an active change in our ideas and attitudes.”

    Basic Text p.53

    In active addiction, the world probably looked like a horrible place. Using helped us tolerate the world we saw. Today, however, we understand that the world’s condition wasn’t really the problem. It was our ideas and attitudes about the world that made it impossible for us to find a comfortable place in it.

    Our attitudes and our ideas are the eyeglasses through which we see our lives. If our “glasses” are smudged or dirty, our lives look dim. If our attitudes aren’t well focused, the whole world appears distorted. To see the world clearly, we need to keep our attitudes and ideas clean, free of things like resentment, denial, self-pity, and closed-mindedness. To insure our vision of life is in focus, we have to bring our ideas in line with reality.

    In addiction, our best thinking kept us from clearly seeing either the world or our part in it. Recovery serves to correct the prescriptions in our attitudinal eyewear. By stripping away our denial and replacing it with faith, self-honesty, humility, and responsibility, the steps help us see our lives in a whole new way. Then the steps help us keep our spiritual lenses clean, encouraging us to regularly examine our ideas our attitudes, and our actions.

    Today, seen through the clean lenses of faith and recovery the world looks like a warm, inviting place to live.

    Just for today: I will view the world and my life through the clean spiritual lenses of my program.

    pg. 297

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