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The guide allows facilities registered to display work positions available and a detailed description of the service provided.

This section is where all job advertisements will be displayed. Please email the position and all relevant information you wish to promote and our builders will do the rest.

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  • I’m quite good at helping people, i was once admitted to a facility and I was actually helping others as I realized that I only needed some time out, I would like you to give me a chance on interacting with patients, I am good at what I do, my number is 0795277336, give me a week or two with a patient or two and assess me on that, by profession I’m a housing inspector, I’m working at the Department of Human settlements in North west, Republic of South Africa

  • Hi Christine, we don’t provide any form of treatment here at the guide we are purely a platform to display drug or alcohol treatment facilities utilizing the 12 Step Model as part of their treatment plan for clients. May I suggest you use the contact details on the page of the centre you would like to contact directly. Regards admin.

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