Family Safeguarding Recovery Worker


This is a new and exciting service working in partnership with Somerset County Council’s Children’s services.

Children’s Services have led on the development of a new approach to working with families through the Family Safeguarding Model. The model creates Family Safeguarding Teams who are multi-disciplinary and include professionals with specialisms in social work, domestic abuse, mental health and substance misuse who provide high quality support to families with complex needs as part of the Family Safeguarding approach.

This service will be co-located within Children’s Services teams, working with adults with ongoing or a history of substance abuse to achieve their goals, live safely, free from drugs and alcohol and improve outcomes for the families, specifically in relation to their parenting ability.

At Turning Point, we support people across the UK with substance misuse issues. As a Family Safeguarding Recovery Worker, you’ll make a real difference to their lives as you develop the personal, flexible and realistic support packages they need to help turn things around. Passionate about people, you’ll enjoy the scope and support to enhance your own life too, as you make the role your own as part of a friendly and multidisciplinary team.

As directed by the SDAS Young Persons & Family Service Manager/ Family Safeguarding Team Leader, the Safeguarding Recovery Worker will be an integral member of a multi-disciplinary team within the Somerset Family Safeguarding Team delivering comprehensive interventions, underpinned by Motivational Interviewing Techniques, that will include delivering a full range of outreach, open access and case management services, Support medically assisted recovery where appropriate, and recovery interventions to families affected by substance misuse where children are subject to Children Protection or Child in Need Plans.


To provide high quality support and interventions to the highest risk families as part of the Family Safeguarding Team. This includes working with adults and young people with a history of substance misuse to achieve their goals and improve outcomes for the whole family.

The Safeguarding Family Recovery Worker is responsible for providing the full range of services across an operational site in Somersetas well as the outreach provision in the locality area.

The Safeguarding Family Recovery Worker will carry a case load and provide screening, comprehensive assessments, needle exchange, risk assessment and risk management, recovery planning & review, support access to medically assisted recovery (through titration and prescribing regimes), provide outreach services including home visits, deliver 1-1 key working sessions as well as semi and structured groups to support families through engagement, detoxification, stabilisation and rehabilitation.

The post will be required to contribute to the overall aims and objectives of the Family Safeguarding Team by compiling data and progress reports as directed and in line with the Family Safeguarding Workbook.

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