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The Forward Trust, are a UK leading provider of drug and alcohol treatment services to offenders. We deliver treatment and recovery support – in prisons and in the community – which helps people move away from addiction and crime. These services provide a variety of support, including advice, counselling, group work and intensive treatment. At The Forward Trust we believe that all people who are addicted to or misusing substances should have access to support which is effective in protecting their health, and motivating them to take steps towards their own recovery. Over 20 years of pursuing this mission, we have been successful in moving thousands of drug dependent offenders away from a lifestyle revolving around crime, and drug or alcohol dependence.

What you will be doing?

As a Dual Diagnosis Worker, you will develop and maintain integrated working practices and care pathways for the client group that meet the complex and changing needs of people with co-existing issues.
You will provide positive and inspirational leadership to HMP Brixton nursing teams in terms of substance misuse, IDTS practice and delivery. Promoting an agenda of recovery from the dependence on drugs and/or alcohol within the client group and which supports the goals of reducing re-offending, increasing re-integration into meaningful and sustained occupation and improving social and family relationships.

The Post holder will be responsible for achieving agreed key performance targets held within partnership treatment plans.. You will assist the Substance Misuse team and Mental Health team leader and Head of Healthcare in ensuring that all Care UK and Forward Trust policies and procedures, including Serious Incident and Complaints policies are fully implemented and complied with.

Location – HMP Brixton, United Kingdom
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Job Salary – £34,000

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