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Exclusive Facility Says Yes to Celebrities

Exclusive rehab facility says it is true that celebrities are often gaining media coverage for their addicted behaviours and subsequent admissions to private, high-end treatment centers and rehabs. Society’s obsession (a.k.a. – addiction) with “reality television,” “entertainment news,” and the sensational print (and many times unbelievable) industries make financial killings from the sad and often dangerous escapades that occur in a celebrity’s life leading up to checking-in to an addiction treatment facility. It makes it difficult for a celebrity to quietly pack their bags and get out of town for rehab, without the paparazzi and others involved with that industry hounding their every move. However, it doesn’t stop celebs from admitting themselves (or pushed by their attorneys) into treatment. They need to be supported to begin their process of addiction recovery, just like you or me.

When the exclusive rehab facility or treatment center accepts a celebrity , it is up to the program and its staff to provide a best practice treatment taking into consideration that they are the object of thousands, if not millions of people’s obsession and maybe even, addiction! The celebrity’s treatment needs to proceed like any other individual seeking recovery from addiction.

Exclusive rehab facility

However, there are a few unique factors that a facility should consider before accepting a celebrity into their care: 1) checking the celebrity’s entourage and staff to make sure that all close associates are supportive of the treatment and will be a part of the aftercare and a sustained recovery plan for the celeb; 2) confront any enabling “systems” (attorneys, agents, assistants, family members, etc.); 3) prohibit the celebrity to discuss their addiction and treatment in a media forum (outside of Self-Help Groups) for a period of time, so the treatment experience doesn’t become a “performance!”; 4) Emphasize aftercare monitoring and establish an effective recovery coach who will help to maintain the recovery and relapse prevention plans. 

Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction is a serious problem. According to the National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health (NSDUH), approximately 22 million Americans required some form of treatment in 2003, yet only 3 million people received it. We have to avoid making substance and process abuses glamorous! As a society, we need to stop getting our “celebrity fix,” focusing on the maladaptive behaviours of famous people, and focus more on compassion for others and building healthier communities where we live and work.

Regarding the celebrities in need of addiction recovery, if more celebrities enter treatment seriously and truly make a transformation towards health and recovery, then we have done our jobs. Society needs to examine its addiction to addiction, especially among the rich and famous! We need to shift our focus to health, wellness and recovery in ourselves, our families and communities. Then, possibly the paparazzi can go back to taking photos of weddings and bar mitzvahs! 

Recuperatio Primoris (Recovery above all else!)

Dr. Bill Heran
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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