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Villa Ramadas GGZ

Registered address

Kampstraat 38d, 6163 HG, Geleen


Residential Boutique Clinics in Portugal

Discover the Solutions for the Recovery you Deserve

Our mission is “making life possible”. It is to support and guide guest to live a fulfilled life in the present moment. Our new advanced therapeutic model used at our Boutique Clinics, involves a tailored made programme for the individual needs of each guest.

We believe that our guests have not consciously chosen to become addicted. But they are responsible for recovery and for choosing the right treatment for sustainable recovery.

At Villa Ramadas GGZ we promote personal development and assist individuals to accept responsibility for their own choices.

Our primary purpose is to introduce guests to a long-lasting recovery. We treat many disorders from chemical, behavioural or emotional issues for men and women. You can contact us 24/7 and we have a waiting list of two weeks.

Believe in You! Change Your Life.

Treating the Whole Person, Not Just the Symptoms

Here at Villa Ramadas-GGZ we have been treating clients with these and many other disorders. Also we have helped thousands of clients successfully return to a fully functioning way of life. We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Through our own model of Change & Grow® and a multidisciplinary team we can offered tailor made programmes for your needs. We consider your specific disorder together with time constraints and insurance issues to develop a solution for you.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns relating to your mental health and we can guide you through an initial consultation online or at our office in Geleen.

Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love & Responsibility

VillaRamadas-GGZ provides many forms of therapy from very differing fields of psychology and personal development including the Change & Grow® model of treatment, created by Dr. Eduardo Ramadas da Silva over 20 years in treatment centres in the UK, Portugal, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The Change & Grow® Model is basis in five principals: Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love and Responsibility.

The aim is for the client to break with destructive obsessions that have lead to poor life choices. We are focused on introducing clients to a programme that will allow them to develop a healthy and positive attitude towards life.

Villa Ramadas GGZ help to develop the client’s ability to strengthen their acceptance of all that is happening to them on a daily, relearning how to live in a serene and balanced way by influencing their life choice.

As we provide a client-focused programme the mix will depend on the clients requirements, which are established in the assessment and re-evaluated throughout the therapeutic programme.

Where You Stay

Outpatient treatment in The Netherlands                                                              Residential Boutique clinics in Portugal 

Depending on your personal situation, you can be treated in a clinic or outpatient (part-time) setting. In both cases our care is always tailor-made for the needs of each client. The outpatient program consists of individual sessions and can be supplemented with group therapy at our office in Geleen, Nederland. We also can offer e-health assistance via the internet.

It is also possible that there is a combination of problems around your life that make impossible to stop while you continue to live at home. In that case you will receive your treatment at Portugal with our partner. Here we make sure that your stay reaches the best possible outcome. Their highly skilled team will take care of your every need 24 hours a day.

The Boutique Clinics at Portugal are composed of different residences with magnificent views to the apple orchards, pine trees, mountains or next to the beach. The residences have bedrooms for 2 or 3 people with private bathroom. We suggest that patients share rooms as part of the therapeutic process. There is a swimming pool and a gym in each residence.

Villa Ramadas GGZ – Founder

Dr. Eduardo Ramadas da Silva began his career in personal development in England, where he worked in several treatment centers and was CEO of one of the most prestigious. The Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, the specialization in Counseling in Additions, the training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Eating Disorders and Bereavement Processes, and his 20 years of clinical practice culminated in the creation and continuous validation of the therapeutic model Change & Grow®.

It participates in the international conferences, lectures, forums, congresses and sessions of behaviour modification. Invited regularly to participate in television programs of the three-generalist stations Portuguese, Spain and in Bulgaria, radio channels and magazines.

Author of several self-help books, all published with great success, such as: “Believe in You!”, “Live Without Masks”, “Successful Life”, “The Promises of Change & Grow”, “Believe”, “The Twelve Steps of Change & Grow” or “A Night Light”.


VillaRamadas-GGZ believes it is important to be constantly developing and to guarantee the care at the highest level.

For example, our treatment program is evaluated annually and we apply innovative techniques within our treatment. In addition, our institution has an approved quality status.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Villa Ramadas GGZ any questions directly
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