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  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery

Tranquility Clinic

132 7th Street Linden
South Africa
+27 (0)11 782 3418 or Cell: +27 (0)83 772 5293

Centre Description

Welcome to Tranquility Home – a place for substance abuse recovery in peace for addiction victims. At Tranquility we provide a safe haven, where anyone who has endured trying times as a victim of drugs and alcohol or any type of substance abuse can get the necessary help that they need to recover.

With the support, expert assistance and guidance that Tranquility Rehabilitation Clinic can offer you, we’re confident that treatment with our rehab centre in Johannesburg will allow you to re-enter your life confident and free from substance abuse addiction.

At Tranquility we make one simple promise to our patients, their friends and families, and that is to provide the most effective treatment available. We have an acute understanding of just what our patients are going through, and design a treatment programme that tackles your issues head-on. Indeed, if you have any ongoing issues that require the attention of trained professionals, and previous treatment has failed you, or indeed if having teetered on the precipice of under-going treatment previously, and have recently decided that the time is right to begin a new life, then here at Tranquility Home, our Johannesburg-based rehab clinic is just for you.
Unlike other drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, here at Tranquility we treat the mind, body and spirit. Tranquility offers a comprehensive-approach to all treatments, an approach that allows patients to be treated in a dignified and caring manner.

We offer both in-patient and out-patient treatment programmes for both male and female patients.

Tranquillity is proud to offer multi-modal therapeutic approaches for all of our patients. Such therapy includes both individual and group therapies, either with fellow patients or friends and families. Through this therapy we ascertain the root cause of your issues. Our educational, and yet sensitive workshops also offer relaxation therapy and considered support to allow each patient to get to grips with the issues that are governing your life.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Our highly successful inpatient treatment model is typically characterised by a thorough and ongoing assessment of all aspects of the client and of multi-modal therapeutic approaches. Our unique treatment plan includes medically supervised detoxification, clinical assessments, group and individual therapy sessions, workshops, recreation and relaxation therapy, family education and support, relapse prevention, as well as, other internationally recognised treatment therapies. A multidisciplinary team of professionals plan and assist in the treatment process for each client. Treatment provides practical tools and a context for the client to learn new ways of living without alcohol and other drugs in substance abuse recovery . Each day consists of a comprehensive schedule of treatment activities.

  1. Medically supervised Detoxification
  2. 21 days Inpatient Treatment
  3. 28 days Inpatient Treatment
  4. 42 days Inpatient Treatment
  5. 3 months Inpatient Treatment
  6. 8 weeks Aftercare Program

Please call our offices to schedule a FREE ASSESSMENT to guide you in choosing the most suitable treatment option.

Addictions treated:
  1. Substance abuse addiction
  2. Alcohol misuse and abuse
  3. Prescription Drugs addiction
  4. Male and Female

Inpatient Program includes:

Detoxification: When a person has abused alcohol or another drug and has decided to begin recovery through abstinence, life threatening health consequences can arise. Tranquility Home is committed to providing appropriate medical services for those who may experience a withdrawal syndrome. Patient safety is our priority while working towards substance abuse recovery .

  1. One on One counselling: Psychologist and addiction counselling.
  2. A fully integrated multi-disciplinary team: Intervention with addiction counsellors, social workers, a nutritionist, psychologists, a psychiatrist, professional nurses and medical doctors.
  3. 24/7 medical care available
  4. Family intervention – Weekly group therapy meetings and individual counselling.
  5. 3 wholesome and nutritious meals daily
  6. Recreational and relaxation activities
  7. All recovery materials included
  8. Medical aid payments accepted
  9. Comprehensive BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL Assessments
  10. Personal relapse plan
  11. Daily Individual counselling
  12. Group Therapy
  13. Recovery lectures and workshops
  14. 6 weekly Onsite Support Group Meetings
  15. Audio-visual presentations
  16. Recovery Movies and CDs
  17. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education
  18. Deactivation cravings
  19. Overcoming Denial
  20. Handling Fear
  21. Stress and Depression management
  22. Anger management
  23. Handling Emotions
  24. Taking responsibility
  25. Life skills
  26. Conflict management
  27. Problem solving workshops
  28. Addressing Triggers and Cravings
  29. Building confidence and self belief
  30. Re-integration workshops
  31. Comprehensive aftercare programme
  32. Introduction to Support Groups – AA; NA; CA; Alanon & Naranon.

Outpatient Treatment Program

  • Duration: 6 or 8 weeks
  • Times: Monday to Friday – 17h00 to 19h00

Outpatient Program Includes:

  1. A weekly individual counselling session
  2. Family intervention – Weekly group therapy meetings
  3. Nutritionist diet planning
  4. Medication (optional)
  5. Consultation with medical staff
  6. Group therapy
  7. Random substance testing
  8. All recovery materials included
  9. Comprehensive BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL Assessments
  10. Goal setting sessions
  11. Recovery lectures and workshops
  12. 6 Onsite Support Group Meetings
  13. Audio-visual presentations
  14. Recovery Movies and CDs
  15. Relapse Prevention Plan
  16. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education
  17. Deactivation cravings
  18. Overcoming Denial
  19. Handling Fear
  20. Stress and Depression management
  21. Anger & anger management
  22. Handling Emotions
  23. Overcoming fears, pain and adversity
  24. Taking responsibility
  25. Coping skills
  26. Conflict management
  27. Addressing Triggers and Cravings
  28. Building confidence and self belief
  29. Financial and Debt Management
  30. Re-integration workshop
Some of the clients that are suited to outpatient treatment are as follows:
  • Clients who are in the beginning stages of addiction where their lives are starting to become unmanageable.
  • Clients who are able to commit to stopping all substance use for the period of the programme.
  • Clients who work full time and feel that outpatient will be better suited to their needs because of their work commitments
  • Clients who are sent to an outpatient programme by their employer.
  • Please call for a FREE ASSESSMENT on 011 782 3418 / 7825093
Follow the website button above for further information, also you can use the email button to contact Tranquility Clinic directly
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