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  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility
  • Sober Living Facility

The Living House

5 Melrose Walk Claremont
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
0844 LIVING (0844 548464)

Centre Description

Sober living facility The Living House  is Cape Town’s oldest and most established. The Living House is dedicated to encouraging and assisting our clients in their battle for reintegration into society. We also help clients finding the strength within themselves to get clean. We do this at our sober living facility through the support and mentoring of our live-in staff members. They are always ready to offer guidance and assistance in building sustainable Sober Living free of addiction.

The Living House sober living facility is one of the very few family owned and run treatment facilities, offering a warm yet firm approach to addiction treatment.

We differentiate ourselves as a Sober Living Facility from fellow rehabs in Cape Town. Our multidimensional and sustainable approach to recovery, recognising and acknowledging the difficulties in the fight against addiction. Under our 1, 3, or 6 month residential contracts, we strive to assist our residents in building a life where staying clean is achievable. Our active Recovery Coaching allowes little chance of slipping back into bad habits.

To make this possible, we know that everyone has their own steps to take to reach recovery. There is no such thing as a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach at the Living House sober living facility. With this in mind, we incorporate the basic principles of the 12 Step journey into a residents personal preferences. We offer a tailored 4 Stage program for all our clients. This is essential in setting them on their easiest path to sobriety.

Here’s how we help

The Living House sober living facility  provides a safe, contained space for individuals to find and reach their recovery lifestyle. Our trained staff of caretakers, recovery coaches, counsellors and therapists actively builds and maintains the close-knit community at the rehabilitation centre. This provides the support structure that upholds growth and sustainability on every step of the journey, ensuring no visitor walks alone on what can otherwise be a very isolated, unforgiving road.

If you are ready to take your first steps towards reaching recovery and rehabilitation at our sober living facility. Or a loved one needs a helping hand, The Living House want to offer you the support you deserve. Everyone deserves a life free of the shackles of addiction. By taking these first few steps, you’re reclaiming your strength and force of will. Your sober living facility is well within reach; with the guidance and support structure of our staff and fellow visitors, your recovery and reintegration is a very real possibility to strive for.

How many stages of addiction treatment are there?
  • Most addiction treatment facilities will have two stages of treatment, Primary Care and Secondary Care.
  • Do I have to go to both Primary and Secondary Care?
  • If you have not been in an addiction rehab before we would suggest going to Primary and Secondary Care.
  • What if I have been to rehab in the past?
  • If you have been to a alcohol or drug addiction treatment facility in the past, you may be eligible for admission into The Living House.
How was The Living House established?

The Living House from 2012 DEVELOPED into what it is today. There are people that have attended an alcohol or drug addiction treatment facility over 30 TIMES. There are a select few that do need addiction rehab more than once but most of the time a person needs support, structure and a safe sober environment to live and practice the tools of Recovery.
That is what The Living House has become.

Addiction Consultant

If you think you need addiction treatment call us, we will direct you to a registered addiction rehab facility.

Speaking to an addiction treatment consultant is an important first step in the addiction Recovery process; we will explain your possible options and point you in the correct direction of a registered facility. We provide this service for free here or by calling 0844548464.

The Living House

Period of stay – minimum 1 month.

The Living House is the first of its kind, operating on a four-phase Re-Integration program; we are designed to accommodate a range of clients while maintaining our high standards.

The Living House provides a supportive and comfortable base from which people can live comfortably in a safe environment and start to take their first baby steps back to normal life.
We are a place of support and guidance with weekly house meetings, daily plans, morning meditations, and mentors who are available 24-hours a day to help people build their lives up.

Admission into The Living House can be taken after three weeks clean time or after any of the mentioned stages.

Primary Care

21 days – 3 months

If a person has not been in rehab before, an addiction consultant would refer a person to a primary care rehabilitation program as the first stage. If a person has been to rehab in the past but has ‘slipped’, The Living House may have the necessary structures for long-term Recovery, call us for an assessment 0844548464.

Primary care facilities provide medical treatment required to detox your body, build up your strength, and help you to understand what the problem is.
Primary care treatment centres also provide different forms of therapy and tools that lay the foundation for the work to come.

The Living House has a two-week clean time admission requirement. Through an assessment, a person may only need a half-stay in a primary care facility for ‘relapse prevention’; for admission into The Living House, you may not need primary care. 

Secondary Care

1 month – 6 months

Once primary care has been completed, a person may be referred to secondary care addiction rehab. Many potential residents are assessed for admission into The Living House after completing primary care.

The focus of secondary addiction treatment centres is vast, the majority of focus is helping the person to understand the behaviours that take the person back to active addiction. It is also a place where a recovering person can practice the tools they need to control their lives. This is achieved through individual and group therapy sessions, by implementing 12-step Recovery programmes, and by encouraging clients to participate in normal, everyday activities.

Prior to booking into secondary addiction treatment we suggest calling The Living House for an assessment. We may feel secondary care rehabilitation treatment is necessary, or you may be eligible for admission. The Living House provides the necessary structures needed for long-term sobriety.

Recovery is not about not using drugs, and a long period of abstinence does not equal success – Recovery is about daily activities.


The Living House provides a comfortable sober living environment which helps cement the new behaviours, thought patterns and coping mechanisms that are learnt at rehabilitation centres and through 12-step addiction Recovery programmes.

The Living House runs on a proudly self-designed ‘Four Phase Re-Integration Program’.

Each resident’s program phase is individual and assessment dependant.

What is our Four Phase Program?

The Living House designed this program to suit people that have a basic understanding and desire for Recovery.

Slow Re-Integration through Phases allows The Living House to accommodate people who are at different stages of their Recovery by providing the necessary containment, responsibility, structure and support.

Overview of our Four Phase Program

Residents entering The Living House go through a thorough induction into the house, after which a resident will commence with an Orientation Phase. The length of Orientation is dependent on clean time and completion of tasks, creating a foundation for a resident’s stay.

Residents who are working, studying or have other commitments are encouraged to continue unless it is a threat to their recovery.

Each phase has requirements that residents are expected to have achieved before being able to move onto the next phase. Slowly and gradually in a less over-whelming manner, residents start to manage various aspects of life and become productive members of society.

Our Four Phase Program helps to individualise the program and encourages the progression of our resident’s Recovery.

Phases are monitored during the week by our House Manager and The Living House Recovery Coach, and a weekly House Meeting is held where resident phases are reviewed.

Daily structure

Our initial focus is for a resident to start engaging in our program by establishing daily recovery structures, habits and routines such as finding a 12 Step Fellowship sponsor, participating in the morning meditation and focus group meeting, meeting with a counsellor, and going to a 12 Step meeting.

We encourage residents to engage in work/study opportunities ASAP.

There are basic expectations such as being up by 8:00am Monday till Friday, attending inhouse meetings, actively engaging in work/studying or researching opportunities for these or other existential activities, completing individual and communal duties and attending individual private therapy sessions.

These daily structures aim to imitate a real life routine so the transitional period when Re-Integrating back into society is made easier.

What if I need more support?

The Living House Recovery Coach will assist clients in creating a programmes to suit their individual needs and circumstances.
This may include regular external group or specialist therapy.

Admissions Requirements

All admissions are assessment dependent and pre-requisites are:

1. Minimum of three weeks clean and sober Recovery time (abstinence)
2. Pre-admission assessment by The Living House Recovery Coach

I can’t stay clean for 3 weeks, what now?

The Living House has a database of facilities that offers inpatient and outpatient programmes. Call The Living House on 0844548464 and we can help you find a suitable inpatient addiction rehab facility regardless of you entering The Living House or not.

Why a pre-admission assessment and 3 week’s clean time?

The Living House plays a vital role in your long-term Recovery from addiction, however, we can only provide and help you use the tools to live a sober life, but it will be up to you to use them. As a sober living home, we primarily assist with Re-Integration into the world with a solid Recovery plan i.e. staying sober. Primary “getting clean” needs to be done at the appropriate facility.

We need to know that you are serious about your Recovery too and that you are willing to do what it takes to experience a life free from addiction.

If we do not feel you are suitable yet for The Living House environment, we can refer you to another facility, until such time as you are ready.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your needs personally, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Cape Town

Situated in the lush greenery of Claremont, Cape Town, visitors to our rehab center are provided with numerous opportunities to keep themselves busy at The Living House and its surrounds, a necessary part of fighting addiction. With Cavendish Centre just down the road, there are opportunities for recreational activities such as bowling, exercising, cinemas, and public transport for further accessibility.

Around you, the majestic visage of Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain looms overhead, its beauty an excellent way to ground oneself during even the most troubling of times on the road to recovery. All life’s problems can be dwarfed by such awe-inspiring nature. Claremont is also situated close to Kirstenbosch Gardens, offering a great space to keep physically active and in touch with the world around you.

Once a visitor has been living sober at the Living House for a minimum of three weeks, they are encouraged to take the next steps in reintegration by becoming productive while still booked into our rehabilitation center. A busy, active lifestyle where the mind and body are kept occupied not only helps fight addiction, but it grounds the resident in normalcy while building a sustainable future.

Studying and Volunteering

This entails studying, volunteering in the community, or engaging in gainful employment. With the benefits of a safe, calm place to grow and a means of finding productivity and purpose, the stage is set for our residents to restart their lives free of addiction or dependence on drugs, alcohol or other equally detrimental addictions.

With our primary and secondary stages in your fight against addiction, there is a program for all clients ready to walk the path to recovery at The Living House. It’s up to you to take a stand against addiction and substance dependence. The road to recovery can be a long and daunting one, but be rest assured that our staff is aware of the struggles you face.

No one expects miracles of our residents; no matter how long it takes, we’re right behind you every step of the way, encouraging your strength and determination. Your sober future is well within your grasp, regardless of how trying or difficult the journey. We fight to make the journey all the easier, allowing for a future where relapse can be actively avoided.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the Email button to ask The Living House any questions directly
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