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The Kusnacht Practice

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Centre Description

Our bespoke luxury clinic is different from many clinics in the world. Exclusive and different because we treat one client at a time. Our inpatient addiction treatment facility is delivered privately and to the security standards required. Plus make you feel safe and confident at every step of our treatment program.

Our international team of doctors, therapists, nurses, counsellors and other professionals offer a full range of addiction treatment. Also psycho-therapeutic services. These services range from 1:1 therapy for trauma and abuse, orthomolecular testing and therapy. Additionally acupuncture, yoga and calibrating your lifestyle and nutrition.

The Kusnacht approach involves clients working one on one with our therapists eight hours a day. This is not monthly, unlike many clinics today.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Centre in Switzerland

Biochemical Restoration is Our Priority And it is in the areas of healing the body and treating co-occurring psychiatric disorders that we vary most.

We make biochemical restoration our priority when a client arrives. This is the missing link in most treatment programs today. Traditional addiction clinics are based on talk therapy and 12-Step programs. And while they are important and part of what we do too, as many as 80 per cent of clients leaving traditional treatment centers relapse.

They relapse due to anxiety, depression, insomnia and cravings when this is the only therapy they receive. We eliminate these symptoms by correcting brain chemistry, central nervous system imbalances and treating underlying mental health problems. And we use laboratory tests, detoxing, diet, amino acids, nutritional supplements, and a range of therapeutic approaches including psychotherapy instead of prescription medications.

Swiss Excellence in English Our therapeutic language is English although some of our clinicians speak French and German. We can also work with other languages including Russian and Mandarin.

We offer much more than beautiful locations and excellent Swiss service. Our therapeutic team creates and implements great treatment plans one at a time, a family program second to none and provide some of the best aftercare services anywhere in the world.

Swiss Treatment Standards

Inpatient Treatment on Lake Zurich and in St Moritz Swiss Service at the Highest Swiss Standards
We provide our clients, who demand and receive absolute privacy and security, an intensive inpatient treatment program for addiction in luxurious surroundings in Kusnacht and St Moritz – Switzerland’s most exclusive villages or a beautifully restored medieval castle.

The program lasts from four to twelve weeks depending on the treatment plan developed and agreed upon during the admission process. And we take on only one or two clients at a time and if we are working with two clients at the same time they never meet each other. Our services range from round the clock medical care to living in luxurious accommodation with every service imaginable provided as part of the treatment package. Swiss service at the highest Swiss standards.

The entire program is delivered to you privately. And if necessary, at the security level circumstances demand. From the moment a client arrives on a commercial airline or in our private jet and helicopter service we make certain that their time is maximized.

Each client is assigned a driver, personal chef, secretary, and other services as required. Additionally, our medical and other professional staff work one on one with the client at all times. We make certain it will never be known that you have visited the Kusnacht Practice – unless of course you want them to.

Inpatient Treatment

Our Private 1:1 Inpatient Treatment Program can include some or all of the items listed under the treatment programs in the “Treatment” section of this web site. These include treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, sex and love addiction, and codependency.

Treatment For Chemical Dependency A New Adventure In Living Is About To Unfold
Our approach often includes the following treatment plan components but is not limited to them nor are all of them always included:

– Withdrawing clients from a drug(s) or alcohol when physiologically dependent. We do this in a hospital environment, under the supervision of our medical director and with 24 hour nursing care.
– Detoxing using saunas, special diets, exercise, fasting and colonic irrigation to help stop craving, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health disorders.
– Testing and laboratory work to determine the medical and nutritional needs of each client and based on the results our medical director, nutritionist, and chef develop a plan of action. Biochemical restoration of the brain and central nervous system helps stop craving, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health disorders and is a treatment priority for every client.
– A family program involving individual treatment plans for each family member that may include one or more family members living in the treatment facility for some or all of the period of treatment.
– Massage, Reiki and Reflexology
– Meditation
– Yoga

The Kusnacht Practice

– Art and/or music therapy
– Gym and outdoor training program
– Identifying and treating co-occurring mental health disorders. Treatment includes hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicines.
– Erasing triggers and stressors using EMDR
– An intensive psycho-educational program including a custom made book on relevant topics for each client and family member involved in the treatment program
– Complete the first five of the 12-Steps
– Attend support group meetings
– Spiritual counselling
– Life counselling and performance enhancement
– An intensive after care program for the client and family members. It involves a mentor who returns home with the client to help them adjust to their new life, daily telephone calls, return visits or a Küsnacht Practice team member visiting the client monthly for the first year and then on a declining frequency until the end of year three.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask The Kusnacht Practice any questions directly

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