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Solace Asia

Kuala Lumpur


Toll Number: +603 3310 0145

Centre Description

We are Asia’s highly scientific and clinical driven Addiction Treatment.

Solace is the latest addiction treatment retreat in Asia and the only one in Malaysia providing Western style, evidence-based treatments from addiction to drugs (pharma and recreational), alcohol, sex, gambling, or any combination of these.

We are economically priced for the region and are more affordable than western treatment with the same western methodologies. Therefore we implement the latest and most cutting edge, evidence and outcome-based services available for addiction treatment. By using our practices and clinical methods provided by our experienced and distinguished Clinical Advisory Board.


Solace Asia is located in the amazing heart of Malaysia, the sophisticated and unique city centre of Kuala Lumpur.


Recovery begins with the first 28 days at Solace Asia.

Solace’s prime is a comprehensive program that combines psychological, medical, social, spiritual and family-based services in a complete and holistic rehabilitation experience. So our program recognizes the all-consuming aspects of dependency; damaging physical, mental, emotional and social systems in life. In order to treat a multifaceted illness, a multifaceted therapy is utilized.

At Solace, we have created the Solace Flower™ model, capturing the essential life quadrant of a person suffering from the disease of Addiction.

When a guest arrives, they are provided with extensive medical screening to determine any potential complications. Hence a personalized health plan is then designed for their stay.

Each guest, within the first 48 hours of admission, meets individually with a counsellor, doctor, nutritionist and fitness trainer so that a comprehensive and specialized treatment and wellness plan is designed to fit their specific needs.

Most of our counsellors have overcome dependency in their personal lives and bring not only their education and skills but their personal life experiences to their position. Our medical, fitness, recreation and nutrition team have been hand selected for not only their abilities, but their compassion and concern for our guests’ wellbeing. 


The best way to enter back into the busy world.

Solace Transition is a Sober Living Environment (SLE) used by people recovering from substance or process abuse, which serves as an interim environment between treatment and a return to their former lives. Solace Transition grew out of a need to have a safe and supportive place in which people could live while they are in recovery. It is primarily meant to provide housing for guests who have just come out of treatment and need a place to live that is structured and supporting for them inducing them to a normal, productive lifestyle we call LIVE FOR LIFE™


We call it the Solace Continuum – For 18 months post treatment.

As soon as the patient has been discharged from treatment, be it primary or secondary; he/she will need to undergo further care. Recovery is a tough journey and one is not advised to trek it alone for there will be many challenges and the recovering addict is someone who is still highly vulnerable to relapse. Proper care and careful nurturing is required in order to ensure that the recovering addict, who has just recently been discharged gets to live a meaningful and comfortable life free from the addiction.

In lieu of this, Solace Asia has created a 18 month long aftercare plan to bring the recovering addict from discharge to the first 18 months. The first year of recovery is the toughest and we will ensure that every patient at Solace Asia will get what they need to get through it.

Online Support/ Solace Continuum

Weekly/Bi-Monthly Video Conferencing

Continuum Exercises

Referral to on-site Counselors


Solace Referral Clinics

Self-Help Groups in Your Own Hometown


Our aim is to educate every member of the family on Addiction.

Addiction is a family illness. We may have treated the addict, but at times, we have sent them back to relapse. It’s because the addict is a result of his/her environment. If the family is sick, even a recovering addict will not be strong enough to resist the disease at home. In other words, the family has to heal for a full resolution of the addiction. If it does not, it is advisable for addicts to seek shelter away from the family. Recovery depends on a healthy and supportive family system.

It is for this purpose that we, at Solace Asia, have designed a family workshop. We want our clients to have the benefit of family support, post-treatment. You have shown your loved one unconditional love by bringing them into treatment. Now, it’s time for the household, as a whole, to come to terms with the addiction. It’s time to learn how to involve yourself in the life of your loved one’s recovery.

We hold our family workshops, once every quarter of the year. That’s four times a year. In these seminars, you will get a better view of addiction and how to live with a recovering addict. You will know how to maintain appropriate boundaries with your addict loved one. Moreover, you will see what was at work in active addiction. To sum up, you will have guidance on how to create a healthy family system suited to the benefit of all involved. 


Every patient being admitted into Solace Asia will undergo each activity listed below in a customized format to enable them to heal and transform in their journey of recovery.



The Solace Asia may come across as a getaway or vacation. We would like to remind you that you are in a transformational journey and have been suffering at the hands of your addiction. Anxiety and fear are common symptoms of clients coming to Solace.

Assure yourself, that you are with the best team and your well-being is of their highest priority. Our counsellors, having had an experience similar to yours, completely understand the gravity of the situation and are well equipped to make your stay at Solace as comfortable as possible.  If you are on your way to Solace you are already taken the first step to fighting this disease.

For more information, e-mail or visit the Solace Asia website by clicking on the buttons above
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