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Silkworth Lodge Jersey

6 Vauxhall Street,

St Helier

Jersey JE2 4TJ,

Telephone: 01534 729060
Fax: 01534 729061

Primary Treatment

At Silkworth Lodge Jersey our primary rehabilitation takes place in a safe and caring residential environment. Plus this is where you are fully advised and other professionals consulted as appropriate. The treatment requires you to commit to undertake the programme and certainly challenges your behaviours with alcohol or drug use. 

We understand that going into residential treatment can be daunting plus it’s unknown territory for most. However Silkworth Lodge does offer a safe, caring and confidential environment where your wellbeing is our utmost priority. Furthermore we treat everyone with respect and dignity and give you the opportunity to start looking at yourself. This is in a safe, supportive environment, perhaps for the very first time in your life.

Silkworth Lodge’s residential rehabilitation programme is abstinence-based and specifically uses the 12-step programme of recovery. It is tailor made to you and includes cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational enhancement and relapse prevention through a personalised care plan, counselling in a safe, therapeutic environment, specific workshops, assignments, group therapies, fitness and nutrition.

Secondary Treatment

Following treatment at Silkworth Lodge, you have the opportunity to move into our Secondary Residential Treatment facility to help support your transition from intense rehabilitation treatment, into normal living. It is an opportunity to ease yourself back into life with the support of staff and a structured environment so that you can begin to look for work, permanent accommodation and receive continued peer support whilst doing so. 

Accommodation is offered in 2 stages, the first being a communal environment, sharing kitchen and living areas with your own private bedroom and bathroom. The second is a self-catered apartment environment which allows you to experience living more independently, but with the support of staff and peers next door. 

It is important to acknowledge that Secondary Treatment can be as important as Primary Treatment as it is the early days of recovery that can often be the most challenging. Plus by choosing to continue your treatment in our Secondary facility, you are choosing to strengthen your recovery and ongoing sobriety. 

Recovery Day Service

The Recovery Day service is a daily drop-in facility offering anyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction the experience of a recovery-focused environment.
You can talk to other people seeking change in their lives, spend time with a support worker and begin to understand more about yourself and your addiction. 

Being chemically dependant can often be very isolating and you may not have anyone to turn to or have anywhere to go for help. Our Recovery Day Service exists to offer connection and hope to anyone looking to step out of isolation and start looking at themselves in a new way. No appointment is necessary, just drop-in during opening hours. 

Silkworth Lodge Family Programme

If you are close to someone suffering from addiction, you will also be suffering. It’s normal for parents, partners, siblings and friends to feel confused, angry and lost due to the effects of addiction. However if this is you, there is help available.  Also the more support and understanding family and friends receive around addiction, the better chance of recovery for everyone.

Children’s Programme

Silkworms is a support programme for children aged 7-12 years affected by the addictions of a close family member.

The four day programme incorporates various games and activities to help children understand addiction and its effects, in age appropriate language, while providing a shared experience for youngsters to help one another’s understanding.

A safe and supportive environment is created in which to help children explore their feelings and the impact of addiction on them and their family, as well as providing them with tools to help them manage their emotions and to keep them safe beyond the programme.

Regular children’s meetings after Silkworms ensures participants continue to be supported with living alongside addiction while offering a new group environment based on friendship and trust in which to share and explore their thoughts and feelings.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Silkworth Lodge any questions directly
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