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SeaSide Palm Beach is a luxury rehabilitation center located in Palm Beach Florida that provides both luxury alcohol rehabilitation and sober living. SeaSide Palm Beach combines western addiction treatment with holistic therapies and spiritual guidance to promote transformational recovery and healing. We accomplish this through an integration of Western and Eastern thought applied to the treatment of addictive diseases. The professional treatment staff at SeaSide Palm Beach has significant education and experience in the field of addiction treatment, enabling them to provide incomparable treatment to our guests and their families.

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SeaSide Palm Beach is a subsidiary of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, which has been successfully treating individuals with substance abuse issues and depression for over 15 years. Additionally, we are one of the few substance abuse retreat programs that has its own research and development department dedicated to continuing the active study and development of new and cutting-edge addiction treatment models. Over the course of the past 15 years, we have garnered tremendous expertise and experience while successfully treating anyone who suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Our guests enjoy a holistic living recovery with all the amenities, including: a chef, a concierge, luxury bedding, an individualized recovery plan, upscale living quarters, access to mobile phones and a full service business center.

For over 100 years, Palm Beach has been known as one of the most desirable destinations for the wealthy around the world. Palm Beach is a beautiful small island whose ocean side provides ocean views and the opportunity for quiet walks along the beach that are ideal for meditation and reflection. The island’s other side faces the very scenic intercostal waterway and features a wide path on which our recovery guests often enjoy taking therapeutic walks, runs, or bike rides while viewing some of the most luxurious yachts and homes in the world.

Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab

A holistic recovery program for luxury drug rehab at SeaSide Palm Beach.

Your luxury alcohol & drug rehab recovery program at SeaSide Palm Beach begins with a thorough assessment by our licensed, certified, highly experienced medical staff of your current level of alcohol/drug abuse or addiction, as well as any previous attempts at alcohol and drug rehab you may have tried at another drug rehab facility in the past. At SeaSide Palm Beach, we incorporate the newest cutting-edge treatment methods into the standard traditional medical treatment procedures for drug rehab treatment. Our recovery process is holistic and examines all aspects of a person as a whole and not just the outward signs of drug abuse or addiction. We begin the recovery process by analyzing the data from the initial assessment of your current physical and psychological condition upon check-in. This data is then used to customize an individual treatment program that will be the best for you, giving you the highest chance for success in your drug rehab recovery.

Holistic Based Treatment for Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Many of our rehab recovery guests come to us needing help for more than just one addiction. These individuals may even have a co-occurring or dual diagnosis problem (alcohol or drug problems combined with a mental disorder) that has never been properly diagnosed before. Many times, our recovery guests have tried other rehab programs and have relapsed back into their former addiction(s) before hearing about us through one of our former recovery guests who we have helped. The primary difference for comparison between the luxury drug rehab program at SeaSide Palm Beach and other rehab programs is our holistic approach of treating the mind, body and spirit.

We start out by exploring and eventually determining the root cause of your problem with alcohol and /or drugs. Conventional programs for luxury alcohol or drug rehabilitation don’t use this newer, holistic approach. Instead, they use the more common and widely practiced one-size-fits-all approach to drug rehab. This older, but still commonly used, approach to drug rehab treatment often has a higher chance of failure because it attempts to treat only one part of the addiction (for example, just their physical addiction) and not the whole person. These programs fail to recognize that you are an individual who is not like everyone else.

North Palm Beach

All of our luxury alcohol rehabilitation programs at SeaSide Palm Beach start with the belief that you are a completely unique individual, unlike anyone else. You have your own special set of needs and your own personal history. Research studies consistently show that there is a direct correlation between a higher level of treatment program customization and the chance for success in treating someone suffering from alcohol and drug abuse or addiction.

Living Recovery Philosophy for Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab

SeaSide Palm Beach is one of the few luxury alcohol & drug rehab retreats in the world to feature a living recovery program and an on-site detox, enabling guests to stay in contact with their families or loved ones. We are not a “celebrity” rehab and do not subscribe to the recluse or hermit-like philosophy of therapy for our recovery guests that is characteristic of celebrity rehab facilities. Our living recovery program was created with the knowledge that your recovery will not be long lasting if you can only function successfully within the walls of a rehab facility. That is why we never isolate or cut you off from the outside world. The goal of our living recovery program is to prepare you for the real world when you leave us. You will have become whole again, a healthy balanced and centered person. You will be ready to begin your new life free from your previous addiction, even when you are in the company of others who may be using alcohol or drugs and might try to influence you to join in with them.

The luxury alcohol and drug rehab programs at SeaSide Palm Beach were created to help restore you to what you once were or could have been before the addiction took its hold over you, your life, and your family.

If you are suffering from any type of alcohol or drug problem and are looking for the best luxury drug rehab treatment available today, please call or email us right now, toll-free 24/7 at (888) 997-3274

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