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Rutland Centre

Knocklyon Road

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Centre Description

The Rutland Centre is a registered charity and since it was founded in 1978 it has grown into the largest and most respected private alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Ireland. We run a drug free programme and no mood altering medication is used during the programme. Thousands of people from all over Ireland have turned to us to find expertise, quality care, and experience on addiction and recovery issues. Our mission today remains the same as our founders – to help alcoholics and addicts who need help with recovery. Plus we help people transform their lives by providing the highest quality addiction treatment and continuing care services. 

We are based in south Dublin and our team of experienced counsellors have years of expertise in dealing with addiction issues. We specialise in helping individuals and families struggling with a range of addictions including alcohol, gambling, food and drugs. You will find Rutland involved in many aspects of addiction treatment and recovery including: 

Residential programme 
Continuing care services 
One to one counselling 
Family programmes 
Outreach and employee assistance programmes 

The Rutland Centre

Alcohol and Drugs

In Ireland it is estimated that one in ten people are alcoholic, and that alcoholism in one person, directly affects the lives of at least 4-5 others. Alcohol is a drug, a sedative, which depresses the central nervous system. Used consistently and long term, it can cause liver damage, heart and other health problems, and inevitably physical dependency. Also alcoholism has a devastating impact on each family member and on the family as a whole.


Alcoholism is a primary illness, which if left untreated can cause serious physical, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal and social problems for the individual involved and their families. Plus alcoholism is an addiction, a dependency relationship on alcohol which becomes extreme and unhealthy. Like other addictions it is progressive and ultimately, without intervention, will result in death. 


Drug addiction, like alcoholism, is the use of a mood altering substance, regularly and consistently to the point of dependency, despite the impact and consequences to self or others. Drug Addiction is sometimes referred to as Chemical Dependency, because it is the chemicals in the drug, interacting with the brain and central nervous system that alter mood, making the drug addictive. Some drugs are more addictive than others, depending on their individual chemistry and the speed with which they enter the body and leave the blood stream. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs.

Alcohol is the number one drug of addiction, followed by Cannabis. Both Alcohol and Cannabis abuse act as a gateway to other drug use, and ultimately to addiction.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Features of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Using more at more frequent intervals 
Having to use more to get the same effect 
Broken promises to self and others to control or stop using 
Lying to cover up the amount of using alcohol / drugs 
Rationalising to cover up and explain away using 
Denying that drinking or drug taking causes probelms 
Avoiding going to places where drink/drugs is not available 
Spending excess money on alcohol/drugs 
Needing to drink or take drugs to cope with worry, anxiety, stress 
Erratic behaviour – mood changes, short-temper, personality change 
Change in personal relationships 
Employment problems 

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