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Rehab Cyprus Life

Kyreniya, Northern Cyprus

Rehab Cyprus Life has certified psychologists and doctors.

All employees are regularly certified in specialized vocational schools, participate in addiction conferences and use the best methods in their work, based on the 12-step program.

Our mission is to help patients master the tools for self-examination, which will help them in a timely manner to eliminate the causes of cravings for alcohol, drugs and gambling. 

Anonymity is the main principle of the recovery of our patients, so we diligently protect any information about patients and employees working with them. All our certificates and diplomas will be provided to you for review individually after the first free consultation.

Rehab Cyprus Life

Rehabilitation center Cyprus Life, these are people who have dedicated their lives to helping people with alcohol, drug, gambling addiction. Using the 12 Step methodological program, as well as leading research and teaching in the field of addiction psychology, our psychologists and mentors help hundreds of people around the world recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling. 

We do not treat with drugs by substituting one type of substance for another, but we help patients eliminate the causes that lead them into the trap of using again and again.

We are well aware of the state of despair, hopelessness, indifference to ourselves and others. These are very difficult conditions, from which not everyone manages to get out. Addiction only aggravates the condition, but there is a way out!

Our mission is to help patients master the tools for introspection that will help eliminate cravings and allow them to live soberly!

Personal consultations

The program of individual consultations is selected and applied for each patient individually, based on the results of a psychodiagnostic session with the program manager. The addict psychologist further leads the patient along the path of introspection and helps him to understand the true causes of neurosis and its consequences. The program includes methods for getting the patient out of a state of chronic depression, a latent suicidal state, as well as resenmet (offenses against loved ones and relatives). 

Based on the results of previous work, we know that patients who have completed this course are exempt from:

  • cravings for alcohol, drugs, gambling.
  • depression and apathy
  • feelings of resentment and anger towards their loved ones and relatives
  • other obsessive states, ideas and manias.


Group therapy

The effectiveness of group therapy when working with addicts has proven to be highly effective. For more than 80 years, amateur self-help groups have been operating all over the world. The group gives the patient the opportunity to see himself and his illness from the outside, to hear positive or negative experiences that can still be avoided. 

At the rehab center, our mentors guide a group of addicted patients through a safe introspection scenario that helps them recognize and acknowledge their own misconceptions about alcohol, drugs, and gambling, and share effective methods for dealing with cravings. 

No coercion, we help patients discover their own motivation for a sober life.

  • 30 hours of individual sessions
  • 10 psychological programs
  • post-treatment support
  • fundamentals of introspection
  • sober life tools
  • support group anywhere in the world


Rehab Cyprus Life is a 425m2 detached villa with private pool, citrus orchard, billiard room and yoga park.

Program and activities

Who said recovery is a boring process? We believe that there was plenty of negativity in the life of an addict, so we made our program varied and rich in mandatory and voluntary activities that will help you recover and regain your taste for life! 

Individual sessions with a psychologist

More than 30 hours of individual sessions help to understand the structure and mechanisms of thinking. Methods and tools for working with the subconscious and recognizing one’s own feelings and reactions to them

Hobbies and skills

Voluntary choice of hobby classes introduces patients to such activities as gardening, cooking, art, oratory, etc.


Groups help in expressing their feelings and return patients to social communication skills. 


Cyprus is a unique place where architectural monuments of the 6th century BC, Roman and later Byzantine and Ottoman eras have been preserved. 


Swimming trips to the golden sandy beaches of Cyprus are provided.


A special part of the recovery program is reading special literature about the nature of addiction and its treatment.

Online appointment

Initial consultation

At the initial consultation, we will tell you about the disease, its manifestations and stages. Also, we will offer a recovery program and tell you about the conditions for its passage.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Complete a full course of psychological counseling, including 30 hours of one-on-one sessions with an addiction psychologist, to help you stop using and work with conditions that lead to use.

How to live with an addict

We know that you have tried almost everything, but the behavior of your loved one in the state of use does not fit into any framework. We will teach you how to regulate relationships so that the addict does not harm your health, psyche and property.

Post-treatment program

After completing the outpatient program, we recommend a course for socialization and application of new principles of life for an addicted person. You didn’t become addicted in one year. This course will help you successfully re socialize and learn to live with people who use.

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