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Recovery Direct

8 Klein Constantia Road
Cape Town
South Africa
+27 (0)79 235 7415 or within South Africa 079 235 7415

Centre Description

Recovery Direct is one of the most exclusive psychological and addiction treatment centres in South Africa. Plus it has intensive trauma resolution at the heart of its therapeutic model. As a luxury residential private care rehabilitation facility based in Constantia Cape Town, the centre provides the ideal retreat. This is for individuals suffering from process or substance related disorders. A panel of multi-disciplinary counsellors and therapists use the best psycho-therapeutic interventions. Plus behavioural modification techniques to facilitate healing, ensuring recovery is a realistic option for every client who enters. Apart from offering private inpatient care, Recovery Direct provides one of the most advanced outpatient programmes. This is based on a continuum of care model which offers support and practical step-by-step guidance. Used at every stage of the recovery process.

South Africa’s Best Rehab Centre

Recovery Direct is unique in that it consciously addresses the underlying traumatic issues on which addiction feeds. As such, it challenges the stigmas surrounding addiction and substance use. Doing this by focusing its treatment approach around the belief that the effects of trauma lead people to become addicts.

Our exclusive rehab treats a wide spectrum of conditions, from alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety and mood disorders. Through to depression, gambling and food addiction. Plus we also helps clients who have eating disorders, issues related to sexual addiction, codependency. Plus narcissistic abuse, trauma and PTSD. Its programs also cover panic disorder, pain management, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, grief. Plus personality disorders, relationship issues, stress and burnout.

Five Star Treatment

The Recovery Direct five star treatment models cover a wide array of behaviour and substance use disorders. Therefore individuals are treated on a personal basis and absolute cognisance is taken of unique life circumstances. Plus complex thought processes and personality dynamics. In this way, the centre establishes itself as one of the most advanced care facilities in its industry.

Expert consulting and residential psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and nurses operate within a collaborative environment to ensure the best possible outcomes for each person admitted to the centre.

Exclusive Suites

Stunning multi-functional suites, each decked out in Victorian colonial style with en-suite bathrooms, balconies and panoramic views, offer outstanding accommodation for guests who want an upmarket and comfortable rehab experience.

Spectacular Cape Views Embrace this Iconic Destination.

Nestling in a quiet Constantia road, flanked by rolling vineyards, ancient oaks and the breath-taking grandeur of the Constantiaberg mountains, the centre offers a perfect and tranquil environment for recovery.

Trauma Counselling

Getting Help with Personal Trauma

Recovery Direct was founded by Vaughan Pankhurst, who recognized the need for a novel approach to addiction treatment after he had successfully completed his own nine-year own journey into long-term recovery. Thus Vaughan realized early on that trauma lies at the heart of addiction, and his centre is unique in that it consciously addresses the underlying traumatic issues on which addiction feeds.

At Recovery Direct, therapists meticulously dismantle the complex and cyclical process of addiction by looking at individual traumatic exposure. This shifts the focus from substances as the primary problem. Over to trauma as the primary problem and substances as the secondary problem.

Trauma Focused Treatment Plan

Essentially trauma therapy seeks to unpack learned and maladaptive behaviours frequently stemming from disruptive childhoods and/or the inability to process appropriate emotive responses to life’s day to day issues. Therefore the inability to cope with these issues frequently results in patient learning to self soothe (escape) using substances. Which, in turn causes a wide range of substance use disorders in patients adult lives.

The Trauma Survivor

The Trauma Survivor is someone who has been exposed to a severe, distressing life events but learns to navigate through adversity using healthy coping skills. This individual has usually been through an intensive process of psychotherapy to process old wounds and adapt to the ever changing circumstances of life.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment in Cape Town

Recovery Direct are experts at dealing with clients struggling with eating disorders. A term which is used to describe collectively several conditions or disorders with related characteristics. The best-known eating disorders are Anorexia (Anorexia nervosa) and Bulimia (Bulimia Nervosa). Therefore entering inpatient treatment for an eating disorder is a brave step towards recovery. Many people ask the question ‘at what point do eating disorders require residential treatment?’

  • Previous interventions have been ineffective.
  • There are secondary behaviours to consider.
  • Psychiatric stabilisation is required.
  • The individual is medically compromised or could become so during re-feeding.
  • He/she is unable to gain weight, stop binge eating, stop purging at home or stop the behaviour.

Customised Rehab Treatment Programmes

A full spectrum of programmes to cater for the unique life circumstances of each patient.

The continuum of care model forms the basis of our customised treatment programme which is adapted to each patient’s unique circumstance, progress and relapse risk. Hence no one size fits all approach to treatment. All programmes are led by specialist multidisciplinary counsellors and psychologists and a range of trauma and personal development practitioners that maintain ongoing dialogue in the adaptive treatment regimen.

Family Systems Treatment

Recovery Direct Family Treatment Programme

Recovery Direct’s family treatment programme views the family as a unit or the sum of interconnected parts. The same applies to couples, who are seen as a collective unit as well as individual counterparts. Family treatment and con joints play a particularly powerful role in the treatment of addiction as more often that not, the family has been impacted by the course of the individual’s substance use or behavioural problem. 


What is psychotherapy?

The single biggest distinction of Recovery Direct’s treatment model is the quantity of individual one on one support each patient requires and receives. The non-punitive psychotherapy approach is intentional – it enables the centre and its healthcare workers  to focus on resolving clients’ problems by addressing the trauma and pain that drove them to addiction. It also carefully dismantles the destructive forces driving their addictions. Patients are required to see their counsellors every day, as opposed to once or twice a week. This regularity fast-tracks the healing process and enables recovery goals to be achieved sooner.

Please click on the website button above for further information, also you can use the email button to ask Recovery Direct any questions directly.
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