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  • PROMIS Residential Primary Treatment
  • PROMIS Residential Primary Treatment
  • PROMIS Residential Primary Treatment
  • PROMIS Residential Primary Treatment
  • PROMIS Residential Primary Treatment


2 Kendrick Mews
South Kensington
020 7581 8222

Centre Description

PROMIS residential primary treatment, secondary care, detox, counselling, interventions and aftercare as well as a dedicated family programme.

PROMIS London offers a six-bed exclusive mental health, alcohol and drug rehab facility featuring modern and comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Patients can choose between deluxe rooms and large suites to fit their needs.

The clinic is decidedly located within close proximity of London’s major attractions, museums and business hub in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This strategic location, complemented by an unparalleled level of care and service along with personal attention, fosters a dynamic environment allowing for business and leisure to be an implicit component of treatment.

The residential primary treatment programme embodies the holistic care philosophy of PROMIS and therefore addresses the mind, body and spirit with access to amenities that promote overall health and well-being.

Our patients have busy lives and we aim to enable them to access treatment services whilst maintaining their commitments.

London Amenities

  • Quiet Mews house located in the affluent centre of London.
  • Modern equipped therapy rooms and facilities.
  • Stylishly decorated private ensuite rooms and luxurious large suites.
  • Fine dining prepared by gourmet chefs.
  • Concierge service.
  • Wi-fi internet and laptop access in rooms and common areas.
  • Flat screen TVs in all rooms.
  • Nearby private gym and spa facilities.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Accompanied local excursions and day trips.
  • Luxury toiletries.
  • Tea/coffee making facilities.
  • A wide range of complementary activities.

Key Features

  • Highly trained experienced medical and clinical team of therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses & 24 hour care staff.
  • Individualised treatment plans and weekly reviews.
  • Care continuity and transition care with a flexible programme.
  • Pro-active arrangement to the involvement of families.
  • High staff to patient ratio ensuring personal attention.
  • Worldwide support network.

Drug Problems

Drug Detox

Detoxification is a medically supervised treatment programme for alcohol or drug addiction designed to purge the body of intoxicating or addictive substances. It is usually the first step in overcoming addiction.

The process usually lasts a minimum few days up to a few weeks depending on the type of drugs taken, the amounts, the way it has been administered and the length of time the patient has been using. Detoxification often involves prescribing different medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification is the simplest and most straightforward aspect of the treatment: it is the learning process associated with staying off drugs which proves to be the most traumatic episode. That is when our residential programme becomes so effective.

Alcoholism Treatment

Addiction to alcohol can grow insidiously, creating havoc in people’s lives before they actively realise they have a problem.  By the time the problem is addressed, the situation may have reached crisis point and the problem can seem huge and impossible to combat.To produce effective results, the treatment programme contains a wide range of workshops and sessions allowing the addict to address issues of a physical, emotional and psychological nature.

Eating Disorder Programme

At PROMIS we believe that eating disorders are symptomatic of addictive disease. The compulsive relationship with food, distorted self-image and self-hatred associated with anorexia, bulimia and overeating characterise the discomfort that drives other addictive behaviours.

We provide a nurturing, contained and friendly environment in which sufferers can learn to live free from food-obsession. We put strong emphasis on providing healthy nutritious food for our patients.

Therapy is at the centre of our programme. We find this works on multiple levels. It increases self-awareness, promotes the ability to communicate and interact successfully with others, heals shame and increases self-esteem.

The primary goal of the treatment programme at PROMIS is to provide patients with the tools to live with a healthy relationship with food and prepares each participant for re-entry into the outside world.

Gambling Programme

Gambling is as much a drug as any of the others that PROMIS seeks to address.  Success in gambling leads to the fulfilment of fantasy and fantasy worlds are those which patients seek in an attempt to escape the real world.

The overwhelming factor in gambling addiction is that of denial.  The individual will reject reasoning and take risks in the hope that the next bet will put everything right.  This can lead to overwhelming debts, landing yourself and possibly your family and friends in serious financial catastrophe.

At PROMIS, a series of counselling and therapy sessions are provided to reduce the harmful desires associated with gambling addiction together with resolving the distressing consequences that the addiction may have caused.  PROMIS is aware that education is as important as rehabilitation and these two objectives will be achieved in perfect balance, across any one of our clinics throughout Europe.

Programme duration varies dependent on the patients progress and programme selected. We are available 24 hours a day to take your call, and will always be here to help.


With the advent of the internet, easy access to the worldwide web, and current technologies rapidly becoming more readily and continuously available, increasing numbers of people are becoming addicted to the internet itself and online facilities. It might not be immediately recognized as an addiction but it is a seriously growing field of concern. The adverse effects are similar to commonly accepted addictions and include on line gambling, shopping, sex lines and obsessive use of games.

PROMIS provides a series of counselling and therapy sessions to examine the underlying factors that drive the addiction. This enables a patient to discover  who they really are and develop self acceptance. This creates the power to look inside themselves for the solution to their problems and create healthy alternatives to addiction, resulting in a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

Prescription Medication Detox

PROMIS offers a methodical approach to help patients detox successfully from prescription medication under calming conditions in a warm and luxurious setting.

When an individual on prescribed medication decides to quit too readily in the healing process without medical supervision or assistance, they may develop overwhelming withdrawal symptoms.  These symptoms can range from anxiety and mood swings to vomiting and seizures.  This is why the process of detox from prescription medication should be applied under supervision.

The most important step in the detox process is the gradual reduction of the dosage in accordance with the realistic needs of the patient.  A plan is achieved between both the patient and those at PROMIS which can achieve the best and most effective results.  Individual patients are different and so it follows that the process of their detox is too.

Our team at PROMIS take into account the unique circumstances surrounding each patient, the amount of dosage taken, the length of time they have been using, behavioural patterns and many other contributing factors. However, this is only part of the process and an intense residential programme is offered to further long term recovery.


There are several types of depression. Most of them share similar symptoms such as sadness, general low mood, sleep disturbances, agitation, low self-esteem, fatigue, a lack of concentration and/or a lack of interest in normal daily activities. Although sufferers can often feel very alone and isolated in their struggle, depression is sadly very common and it can afflict anyone irrespective of their gender, status or age.

Due to the constant negative state of mind, individuals may often be convinced that there is no point in asking for help or even a way to feel better. It is therefore common for people suffering from depression not to seek treatment in spite of the fact that the majority would respond positively to doing so.

Depression can filter through to every area of one’s life until there seems to be no escape and no safe haven. Work may be strongly affected, individuals may draw back from their social activities, relationships and even families who can also suffer as a result. That is why treatment is such an important step.


PROMIS aims to provide a comprehensive range of services from residential primary treatment, counselling to treatment programmes which include an extensive range of therapies that has been found effective and beneficial in treating depression so each patient can explore what they feel is most appropriate for them.

The PROMIS Counselling Clinic is located in a quiet mews in South Kensington, Central London, and is ideally situated to provide easily accessible treatment services to London’s busy community.

The main feature of the PROMIS Counselling Clinic is its flexibility. Our patients have busy lives. Our service allows them to access treatment services whilst maintaining their outside commitments, responsibilities and schedule.

PROMIS Hay Farm offers intensive support in a residential clinic in the heart of the Kent countryside, the garden of England. Hay Farm provides an ideal setting to heal with a peaceful, warm and supportive atmosphere.


Stress is caused by external and internal factors alike. Increasing problems and pressure at work or at home can push the individual to breaking point but one’s physical well being and psychological make up can also play a part.

PROMIS offers therapy designed to examine the root of stress with a team of professional therapists who have extensive knowledge of the issue and will determine the correct type of action necessary. In the first instance, the individual needs to explore whether their feeling of stress is something that needs combating at a professional level.

If your daily pattern is being interrupted by such problems as loss of sleep or appetite, unexpected emotional outbursts or periods of nervous tension, guidance should be sought. If you are trying to eradicate these difficulties with an increased intake of alcohol or general drug misuse, this will only serve to make matters worse. Treatment is advised before the problem escalates.

Primary Care

Our intensive residential primary treatment programmes include detoxification as part of the recovery process. It enables patients to stabilise the physical withdrawal symptoms in a discreet and relaxed environment. 

Upon admission, the client undergoes a comprehensive assessment process, allowing a personalised treatment plan to be created. Our team of professionals will all contribute to the plan which incorporates psychological input as well as addressing physical needs.This approach will provide invaluable specialist support to ensure a safe and productive recovery.

Secondary Care

For more information on our secondary care services PLEASE FOLLOW THE WEBSITE BUTTON ABOVE

Please click on the website button for further information, also you can use the email button to ask PROMIS any questions directly.
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