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  • Orchard Recovery Canada

Orchard Recovery

P.O. Box O-38 Bowen Island
British Columbia

(604) 947-0420

Centre Description

A very private, exclusive and confidential alcohol treatment – drug rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse. The Orchard’s highly trained staff are matched by personal commitment and compassion. We believe that all individuals can and will become responsible for their own recovery. Abstinent from drugs and alcohol when given the proper level and quality of treatment.

Orchard Recovery

With guidance and support, our clients learn how to put aside their fears, grief, resentments, and shame. Plus discover the new hope a clean and sober lifestyle offers.

At Orchard Recovery, the counsellors, support and medical staff are committed to providing each client with individual attention. Plus care and support. With a maximum of 25 clients our staff has the time to meet your needs.

Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment team deals with alcoholism, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. We provide help to those in need of rehabilitation for drug addiction, alcoholism, Heroin, Opiates, Cocaine. Plus Crack, Crystal-Meth, Prescription Drugs, and other self-defeating behaviours in a comfortable, intimate, respectful environment.

The Orchard is an affordable alternative to the larger American institutional treatment settings. We are located near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Pacific Northwest of Canada (approx. 2 hrs north of Seattle, Washington). The site is easily accessible by car and is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, B.C. We welcome guests from around the world and will arrange for pick up at the Vancouver International airport.

“Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can and do recover”

Why Us

Deciding to come to drug rehabilitation could be the most important decision of your life. Which treatment center is the right fit for you or a loved one is another big decision. At The Orchard alcohol and drug treatment center, we believe that addiction can be healed with a loving, respectful, holistic approach. Our success is due to our concept of a spiritual “therapeutic community” where clients are safe to begin the healing process and learn how to recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

How is Orchard Recovery different

Our preadmission process aides family members in coaching their loved one into alcohol treatment. We maintain contact throughout the process and help alleviate worries and fears. Also of both the client who abuses drugs or alcohol and the loved ones who are also suffering.

The beautiful wilderness and remote location on Bowen Island in the Pacific NorthWest maximizes the confidentiality of each client and is conducive to beginning the process of recovery from substance abuse.

The facility is beautiful, not institutional (please see our tour) and we provide our clients the use of our fully equipped gym. The residence is a restored Country Inn at a separate location where clients can retreat at the end of the day. Here they enjoy the fireplace or the heated pool in warmer weather.

The food served at The Orchard is beyond compare. Our chefs focus on fresh ingredients and a nutritious menu plan with enough variety to please any preference or restriction.

The Orchard has created a loving, therapeutic community where clients experience a full range of traditional and alternative therapies. Thus address mind, body and spirit. We introduce our clients to the grace of living sober.
“We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness”


All of the staff at our addiction treatment center hold the core belief that “addiction is a spiritual malady” and recovery is a process that heals mind, body, and spirit. With that in mind, treatment is provided through medical, psychological, spiritual and holistic healing to treat the whole person.

At the Orchard we depart from institutional drug rehab and have created a “therapeutic community” that is a loving and caring sober home for our clients to disconnect from their addiction and reconnect to a higher presence. Many of our professional staff have overcome their own addictions and have the experience of their own recovery to share with our clients.

Our whole structure, from our beautiful facility, to our wholesome food and our loving staff is a caring environment where clients are safe to share with other clients and staff members alike.

Addiction affects the whole family and a client’s family is an important part of the recovery process. Family participation is arranged through weekend visits, a Saturday educational program and a monthly-extended two-day family educational seminar and introduction to Al-Anon.

The Orchard drug and alcohol treatment center uses a variety of counseling approaches to ensure that clients are exposed to a balance of professional and self-help options. Our clients leave our treatment center with the tools needed to continue their recovery and are encouraged to continue fellowship through the help of 12-Step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous.

“The Purpose of the Twelve Steps is to bring about a Spiritual Awakening”


“You have saved my life. I am so grateful that you cared enough to create a warm, compassionate, respectful and spiritual environment for recovery. The facility, the program, the integral 12-step introduction, the environment, the community you are part of… all of it was uniquely and perfectly suited for my journey toward recovery. There cannot be another place like this in the world.”
Bruce – Seattle, Washington.

Please follow the visit website button above for further information. Also you can use the send e,mail button to contact Orchard Recovery directly.
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