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Monte Wellness Centre


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Centre Description

 Exclusive private addiction treatment in Alentejo, Portugal

Western Counselling is now delivering its internationally renowned addiction treatment program within an exclusive luxury seven bedded rural boutique hotel in the beautiful, tranquil region of Alentejo in Portugal.

This comprehensive program provides residents with the best possible route into a sustained, long term recovery. The holistic range of therapies are delivered within a 12Step abstinence based treatment framework, freeing residents from past learned behaviours, leading to a renewed sense of self and peace of mind.

About Us

Established in 1983, Western Counselling is internationally renowned for its effectiveness in treating addictive disorders and has a long-term history of treating clients in the U.K. from all over the world, most particularly Portugal. Our outcomes have resulted in us being well respected in Portugal and we are delighted to now be able to offer these therapeutic activities within the tranquility and exclusive environment of a boutique hotel in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

We offer a holistic, multifaceted therapeutic program for those suffering from drug, alcohol and other addictions. Our exclusive rehab programs provide personalised support in a luxury treatment centre. We also provide Aftercare services so that residents have the best ongoing support in their recovery.

In order to maintain the exclusivity and treatment experience at Monte we take a maximum of 7 clients. Our unique model is designed to provide long lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol.

All facets of our exclusive rehab program are based on extensive research in best practice and years of experience treating addicts and alcoholics. Therefore, we only use methods that are the most successful in ensuring long term recovery. We have an absolute commitment to helping clients achieve their full potential. We do this by treating the underlying causes of addiction and providing expert support in a nurturing environment with respect and dignity.

Exclusive private rehab in Alentejo, Portugal

We are located close to Lisbon in the beautiful Alentejo countryside. The gorgeous surroundings and peaceful atmosphere are the ideal setting for healing, transformation and recovery. Far from the triggers of home, residents are therefore better able to focus on the process of getting well.

All residents have their own spacious bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Rita produces fresh, healthy meals made with premium local produce and will cater for any dietary requirement. We have impressive grounds with a tennis court and a large swimming pool. These fine touches add to the therapeutic environment and aid the healing process.

An established treatment program

Our expert multi-disciplinary staff include a team of dedicated Counsellors, Psychologists, Addiction Specialists, Alternative Practitioners and Support Workers. We have years of collective experience in the addiction field and bring compassion and understanding to enhance the therapeutic environment.

We have an unwavering commitment to confidentiality and our rural location protects the anonymity of visitors, clients and families.


We know how difficult it can be to convince a loved one that they need help. The addict is usually in denial and has distanced themselves from family and friends, not open to hearing their concern. We understand addicts and the nature of addiction. We also understand the family dynamics that go along with addiction. Therefore, we have developed a highly successful drug intervention program for families or friends of a loved one in trouble.

Staff have designed a proven method to penetrate the addict’s denial and resistance in order to help them to accept the need for treatment. Our staff work alongside the family to encourage the individual to accept help and begin their journey to recovery.

Our Interventionist uses a highly structured, step-by-step approach that has great success helping people realise the benefits of rehab. First the Intervention Specialist meets with family members/loved ones to prepare them for the intervention. This can take a few meetings depending on the specific circumstances. Then the intervention is performed with the addict. With an emphasis on Love, Care and Compassion, our highly skilled and experienced practitioners will help guide you every step of the way. By accepting the expert guidance of our staff, family and friends will play a major role in motivating a loved one to enter and stay in the treatment program and maintain long term recovery.

Therapeutic Program

The Western Counselling Program is delivered within a twelve-step framework. Each client will have person centered individual care plan which is monitored and reviewed regularly. All aspects of an individual’s social and “using” history is explored in detail enabling us to develop comprehensive relapse prevention plans to assist with the transition back to life at home. A longer stay enables more in depth work creating a heightened sense of self-awareness.

Individual Counselling

The individual counselling process explores all issues relating to the resident’s addictive disorder(s) and related issues including family relationships, trauma and self-worth. We approach every person as an individual and tailor their process to fit their personal needs. This is an approach that focuses on behavioral change, 12-step ideology, tools for recovery and self-help participation.

Group Therapy

Our Group therapy sessions promote healing in members through understanding how an individual functions psychologically. The Group facilitator will note and process:

  • How each member is feeling and functioning in the group.
  • How the members are interacting with each other.
  • How the group is performing as a whole.

A focus will be on emotional development and issues that when left unresolved will lead to poor decision-making, impulsivity and unhealthy coping skills. In so doing, the person can improve their judgment and change their attitudes and behaviors.

Individual Psychology sessions

Individual psychology sessions are available on a weekly basis as necessary with our Clinical Director, Duarte.

Educational Workshops

When it comes to recovery from drug, alcohol addiction, or process addictions knowledge is power.  The more you know about the disease, its effects and its underlying causes, the easier it will be to progress on the road to recovery. We offer daily recovery education sessions on a wide range of addiction-related topics.  We educate residents giving them the knowledge and the resources that are necessary for recovery from addiction.

Addiction is not a moral failing, is a disease. Daily recovery education sessions, drug, alcohol and process addictions support staff and counsellors teach our residents about this disease.  As more is learnt about the disease, the process to recovery becomes clearer and secure.  Understanding how drugs and alcohol affect the body and the brain is crucial for recovery. Understanding and recognizing the pathology of addiction, how “cravings” occur, and the common signs that lead to relapse helps residents to find long-term recovery that breaks the addictive cycle.  Gaining self-awareness about family dynamics, grief, friendships and stress is important and is essential for sustaining long term recovery.

All elements of the treatment program are compulsory.

Relapse prevention plan

The Relapse Prevention Plan is an essential part of the program delivered by Western Counselling. This Plan will help to develop a better understanding of self and challenging situations that may be faced. The ability to recognize and respond to early warnings signs is crucial for ongoing sobriety. Developed towards the end of treatment the Plan will include:

  • A hard look at the history of use and any previous relapse(s)
  • Warning signs and specific ways to manage them
  • A support network
  • An emergency relapse plan
  • Specific ways to prioritize overall well-being

Family Week: effective support for loved ones

The Family Week offers the most comprehensive form of support for families of addicts and alcoholics. It does this by bringing together the family and the addict/alcoholic in an intensive integrated treatment program over 4 days.

Loved ones are invited to join the client in treatment in order to gain a better understanding of the nature of addiction. They also learn how to effectively support the addict’s recovery while also looking after themselves.

Our Family program integrates the staff, family and the addict/alcoholic into a cooperative, smooth functioning team. Together, they are focused on the goal of recovery from alcoholism and addiction and support for families of addicts and alcoholics.

Support for families of addicts and alcoholics during Family Week consists of education, structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries. It also includes guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships. Individual and family counselling provide a safe and therapeutic environment where each person can explore their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The overall goal is to learn to live happier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives together.

Additional support

If significant others are unable to attend Family Week then we offer other forms of support for families of alcoholics and addicts.

We offer counselling sessions with our Therapists to learn more about family drug intervention. Sessions with our Therapists provide the family member with important information regarding drug and alcohol problems. The family member also learns how look after themselves better and more effectively support their loved one.

Family members visiting Portugal can see our Therapist face-to-face. We can also provide Skype sessions and referrals to other resources.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the Email button above to contact Monte Wellness Centre directly.
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