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  • Miracle Terrace Sober living
  • Miracle Terrace Sober living

Miracle Terrace Sober living

943 South Genesee
Los Angeles
CA 90036

323 931 0848

Centre Description

Miracle Terrace Sober Living is a supporting, caring, structured environment and community for substance abuse & alcohol treatment . Also we provide serene and peaceful living accommodations that are beautifully furnished as well as clean and comfortable.

The management team is experienced in the field of chemical dependency treatment as well as after-care living. Plus we offer quiet living in a wonderful neighborhood located in the Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles adjacent to Beverly Hills.

Our program is suitable and appropriate for newly sober men and women, as well as those returning to a spiritual way of living and community. Therefore the primary purpose is to help men and women continue to grow and maintain a spiritual basis of living. Hence knowing this is the most successful way to treat addiction and alcoholism.

Los Angeles Sober Living opened in the summer of 2006, and we take pride in the garden style exteriors. Plus the design of our comfortable and tasteful interiors as well as furnishings.

Amenities include:

3 bed, 2 bed and private rooms available.
Flat Screen/HDTV TV’s.
DVD Players.
Computers and Wireless Internet Connection.
Free local phone calls.
New full equipped kitchens.
Washer & Drier.
Meditation areas.
Quiet, safe and peaceful city living.
Clean, comfortable bedrooms, dining and living areas.
Relaxing outdoor sitting areas.

Overall much thought has gone into making this house a place that stimulates peace and serenity. Plus it’s surroundings support positive self-image and
spiritual wellness.


Miracle Terrace Sober Living is located in the Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles and is adjacent to Beverly Hills. Therefore we are centrally situated in a safe and upscale residential area, Miracle Terrace is easy access to restaurants, coffee houses, grocery stores and many other businesses. This neighborhood is also well served by both MTA and Big Blue Bus Transit Systems that provide direct routes to all areas of the city.

In keeping with our primary purpose, we are within a 4 block radius of 3 locations where 12 Step Meetings are held daily. Both morning and evening meetings are held at these locations. Also, the area is home to many different faiths, denominations and houses of worship.

Some other great reasons to choose this location are that we are within walking distance of:

The Grove (stores, restaurants, movies).
Little Ethiopia.
Museums such as LACMA, Peterson Automotive, the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum.
The El Rey Theatre (live entertainment).
Close by business/office building area that is home to companies such as Spelling
Entertainment, Variety Magazine, E! Entertainment Television and Screen Actors Guild.
One block from LA Fitness Gym.

We feel that there is not a better location to live in and to help people to transition into every day life than we offer here.

House Policies

The importance of stability, unity and a sober lifestyle is the basis of Miracle Terrace. Therefore, the following policies are strictly enforced.

Must live in harmony with all others in the house; creating a negative environment is not tolerated.
Residents need to have a 12 Step Sponsor.
They must attend a minimum of three 12 Step meetings per week, no exceptions.
Clients all participate in assigned household chores.
Remain alcohol and drug free. No possession, use, consumption, sale or distribution of any mind altering or controlled substances on or about premises. This activity terminates residency immediately.
No violence or threats of violence will be tolerated and will terminate residency immediately.
All visitors must comply with all rules.
Residential fees are due on the 1st of each month. Departing residents are required to give 15 days notice in writing.
Participants must abide by all local, state and federal laws.
All areas are to be kept clean and orderly. Residents are responsible for personal as well as common areas.
Residents provide their own food and meals, are responsible to clean up completely after any cooking or eating of food.
Must maintain obligations of residency agreement.

Our Mission

Miracle Terrace sober Living’s Mission is to provide men and women in recovery from alcoholism and addiction an environment that is both structured and supportive of developing and maintaining spiritual growth.

Once an addict or alcoholic has left residential treatment programs, the even more important truth is that this same person must continue to grow or face the likelihood of relapse.

At Miracle Terrace, we do emphasize the solution to this dilemma and we do stress the importance of unity, recovery and service. Plus the foundation of our mission is the application of spiritual tools and technology, also the 12 Step philosophy into our lives, one day at a time.

Please follow the website button above for the Miracle Terrace’s webpage. Also you can use the e,mail button to ask Miracle Terrace any questions directly.
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