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Marieva Health Care

Zisimopoulou 12, Glyfada

16674, Greece

Tel: +30 213 02 49 130

Centre Description

At Marieva Health Care our luxury treatment program. Takes place in one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Mediterranean, Greece. With its constant beautiful sun shiny weathers being contrasted by the deep blues of the sea. Our location on its own offers a soul opening experience that one cannot forget.

Working with a our dedicated and experienced staff in friendly and relaxed environments. While overlooking the beauty of the Aegean Sea, help set the grounds to those difficult heart to heart conversations. These which are key to uncovering the root causes of addictions and various harmful mental states. We focus on identifying the origins of our patients problem. Thus setting the first milestones towards the road to change and to a successful recovery. Building a new life based upon that change is what we will help our clients accomplish. With our incorporated practices through our treatments and clinical cares.

Marieva healthcare was created with much love and compassion to treat and release individuals from their daily battle with addictions and other mental health related issues. Our team consists of highly educated professionals specialized in the fields of pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry and nursing.

Our rehabilitation pogram involves a 15 day detox, intensive coaching assistance combined with alternative body – centered therapies in our 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The common features  in all kinds of substance addictions (alcohol, drugs, pills like painkiller, anxiolytics or hypnotics) is the compulsive use of the substance and the repetitive action of consumption despite the  negative consequences they may have upon an individual

We understand that someone suffering from addictions has a great difficulty in reducing or quitting these harmful substances even when constant usage can become seriously disturbing for their lives. Sooner or later tolerance makes it way, which may result to needs and cravings for larger amounts to feel the effect. This inevitably leads to more harmful and substance- seeking behaviours. Lack of control over this behaviour is a main characteristic of all kind of addictions. Long term addictions can cause brain damage as well as a variety of social, personal and family problems.

Eating Disorder Treatments

Obesity is a complex disease involving excessive amounts of body fat in a person’s body. The excessiveness of body fat can turn into a medical problem that increases risks of other diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

Although overeating is not a psychiatric disorder -unless accompanied by certain clinical features, like self- induced vomiting or misuse of laxatives – there seems to be an interconnection between mental health and weight. Genetic and environmental factors play a great role in its pathogenesis and it is not about just eating more than you should, but it sometimes may be a complicated disease with more than one causes. In a society enamored with thinness, being obese may affect your emotional state in various ways.

Obesity can negatively affect mental health, and people with mental health problems are two to three times more likely to develop obesity and related disorders such as diabetes and heart disease.

What we do

Our aim is to help you focus on manageable modifications to improve your physical and mental health. Our team’s nutritional expert and life coach plan specialized diets helping and positively empowering patients to lose excessive weight via exercising activities, medication and healthy diets.


Marieva Healthcare is based on the sea-side area of the Athenian Riviera, only 25 minutes from the city center of Athens and less than 30 minutes from the Athens International Airport. Guests arriving at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport will be welcomed by our life coach and discreetly chauffeured with a VIP transport to their choice of stay.

Our healthcare rehabilitation program provides a selection of accommodation options allowing individuals to overcome their addictions or disorders in the most luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing locations. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are all inclusive.

Our clients have the flexibility to choose amongst the three following types of luxury accommodations offered by our healthcare program.

5 Star Hotels
Private Residency
Luxury Yachts
* We send a detailed offer and description of each accommodation upon request.

Respect for Privacy

We respect and understand the desire and need for privacy. Treatments and therapies are highly confidential and take place in quiet and calming environments. Our committed staff works on a one-on-one basis with our patients, making sure they receive the ultimate care and highest quality clinical therapies.

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