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  • Indiana Center for Recovery
  • Indiana Center for Recovery
  • Indiana Center for Recovery

Indiana Center for Recovery

1004 W 1st Street
IN 47403

Toll Free: (877) 499-0995

Centre Description

Indiana Center for Recovery offers you our patient a comfortable, peaceful setting in which to begin re-crafting your own life. This is important, meaningful work—and deserves to be afforded every dignity.

While undergoing addiction treatment, it’s important to be surrounded by supportive individuals in a safe environment this will drive your recovery efforts. Therefore this addiction treatment center offers the perfect setting to overcome your battle.

Understanding your addiction

Maintaining lasting sobriety requires both short and long-term goals. Our treatment protocols are rooted deeply in what brings our client’s joy, which is life-long sobriety and a new way of life. While this vision is fundamentally different for each patient at ICFR, it is always developed through a well-executed, rigorous process that involves a strong work ethic and hard work.

The Luxury Is In The Care

More than the overwhelming natural beauty of Indiana, more than gilded amenities, the true luxury of our facility lies in the quality of the care we provide. From the depth of their experience to the intensity of their training, the members of our staff are held to the most exacting standards. Certainly committed to delivering fully integrated, holistic treatment, our multi-disciplinary team members serve the many facets of our clients’ well-being with seamless expertise.

Our Proven Treatment

When you choose to live a sober life without addiction, the most significant decision you will ever make. You are commended for taking the first step and feel confident that Indiana Center For Recovery has the resources to guide you through your recovery. Plus we help you attain lasting freedom from addiction. Our outcomes undoubtedly show the difference we make in patients’ lives. By providing accessible care; delivering evidence-based treatment; and emphasizing ongoing support, we consistently achieve positive, measurable results.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask any questions directly
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