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Centre Description

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is a respected Drug and Alcohol treatment clinic located close to secluded island beaches, with easy access to Bangkok airport offering intensive 30 day & Long-Term programs. Hope’s facility is set on a beautiful hillside overlooking the sea just out side the city of Sriracha known for its Japanese community. Our extensive 5 acre walled grounds with Gyms and swimming pool, provide a peaceful environment for the recovery process to start. All our en-suite rooms are designed for single occupancy with internet access. Our location is conveniently situated less than an hour from Bangkok airport providing easy access whilst still having the advantages of being on the coast and within reach of the islands. We collect all clients from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Treatment Program

Treatment program at Hope has been based on evidenced based methods: Project MATCH in the USA was sponsored by the ‘National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’ (NIAAA) The project was an 8 year multi Rehab facility investigation that studied how addicts respond best to which forms of treatment. The programs were delivered by addiction experts, psychotherapists and twelve-step counsellors. Three types of treatment were investigated:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focusing on correcting poor self-esteem and distorted, negative, and self-defeating thinking.
  • Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy (Minnesota method) administered as treatment designed to familiarize patients with the NA/AA philosophy and to encourage meeting participation.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MI) which helps clients to become more aware and break down denial.

The Hope Treatment Program

Our Treatment Program is practical and simple to use, it is made up from a combination of helpful therapeutic tools developed over years by many different well-respected experts. It is evidence-based and has been robustly tested to demonstrate its effectiveness and outcomes. We offer a Physical, Psychological, Mindfulness and Community based program.

We Focus On Your Needs

Hope rehab has amalgamated the most contemporary, scientific understanding of addiction, with Cognitive behaviour therapy and principles from the 12-step program. All this together with age-old mindful meditation techniques and fitness regimes make us probably one of the most effective treatment program’s in the world.

“Thankfully we have a program that can help almost anyone who wants to recover. Addiction is not so much about the substance or behaviour rather a brain condition that can thrive on anything. I believe in taking personal responsibility and I’ve designed a program and 100 page workbook that transforms the hopeless into the hopeful.   That’s why I’ve named my treatment Hope Rehab Center. So far the results have been highly encouraging, restoring people’s lives and installing sustainable change” 


ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine

Definition of Treatment:- Treatment is the use of any planned, intentional intervention in the health, behaviour, personal and/or family life of an individual suffering from alcoholism/Addiction or from another drug dependency designed to enable the affected individual to achieve and maintain sobriety, physical and mental health, and a maximum functional ability. There are many components of treatment including, but not limited to, physical and psychiatric evaluations, detoxification, counselling, self-help support, treatment for co-morbid physical or behavioural complications, and medication assisted therapy.

What does treatment mean to you?

Are you like a malfunctioning car that needs to be sent to the garage for repair? 
Is rehab just about managing your symptoms, so you can stay out of trouble in the future? 

If this is all you expect from an inpatient programme, you are greatly underestimating what is possible.

The Hope Center Approach

We recognise that you are a unique individual. We understand your current problems are just a small part of who you are. This is why our vision for you involves more than the cessation of physical addiction. 

We offer a community where you can begin to transform into the person you deserve to be – the person you want to be.

If you want to have the best chance of success in rehab, you need to follow a program that has been specifically designed to treat your exact type of addiction. If the treatment is too general in nature (aka the ‘one size fits all’ approach), it is unlikely to provide everything you need – it could also waste your time with a lot of interventions you don’t need. During your time here at Hope Rehab, you will be following a specialised programme – one that has a proven record of success with your exact type of addiction.

Gym and Exercise Activities at Hope Rehab Thailand
  • Yoga –
  • Pilates –
  • Tai Chi –
  • Swimming –
  • Jogging –
  • Stretching –
  • Walking – 
  • Thai Boxing/Muay 

The Gym Programme at Hope Rehab Thailand

We offer individualised gym programmes so as to ensure that you follow the most appropriate path to restoring your health. We appreciate that you may not have engaged in any real exercise for years, and you may be in bad shape physically, and you can expect your programme to start-off at a gentle pace. The intensity of the exercise will only be increased when it is safe to do so.

You physical health will be assessed by our medical team before you begin. Our gym classes and other activities are designed to be fun as well as health-promoting. We want you to develop a passion for taking care of your body, because we know that this is going to strengthen your sobriety.

Getting to Hope Rehab

Getting to our location couldn’t be easier. We will book you a flight with Thai-airways from your country to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport and one of our staff will collect you. From there, it is just 50 minutes in one of our air conditioned Jeeps to our facility.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the Email button to contact Hope Rehab Center directly
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