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Freeman House Recovery

7 Cloister St, Meerhof,

Hartbeespoort, 0216, South Africa

Whats app number:  +27 83 267 0239

Healing At Our Fully Certified Rehabilitation Centre

Freeman House Rehabilitation Centre invites you and your loved ones to embark on a journey of recovery with essential skills to unlock self-esteem, build resilience, and re-establish belonging. Freeman House Rehab takes pride in offering a unique approach to recovery. This cost-effective sanctuary nestled in the tranquil Magaliesburg Mountains is South Africa’s best-kept secret and gives clients a safe space to immerse fully in the healing process. The setting alone is enough to uplift, inspire, and revive the soul.

With access to a full host of Medical Professionals, addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs is treated through full medically assisted detox programmes plus individual, group, and in-patient therapies. Treatment plans are also offered for mental illness, personality disorders, eating disorders, self-harm, and burnout.

This safe haven takes a completely holistic approach to wellness with its commitment to bringing the joy of life back to clients. Clients get to experience revitalizing, exciting, and soulful nature-based adventures in the beauty of the surrounding environment, with weekly excursions to the Magaliesburg Mountains, Hartbeespoort Dam, and Big Five Safaris in the neighbouring Pilanesburg Nature Reserve that include game drives, quad biking, rock jumping, and hikes.

A range of other healing modalities, such as martial arts, yoga, and meditation, are also part of the in-house offerings. Healing the body with healthy, kosher and halal food is prioritised at Freeman House Rehabilitation Centre, where recovery is fuelled by a focus on varied, delicious, and nutritious meals. The in-house gym, pool, rolling lawns, and sauna are some of the added advantages because although recovery is hard work, there is no reason why it shouldn’t also be joyful, healing, and nurturing.

We Offer Inpatient Treatment

Within your individualized primary care inpatient treatment experience, you will experience a meticulously scheduled addiction recovery program designed to take you through a journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. We have literally thought of everything to offer you or your loved one the very best chance at successful recovery and truly aligning mind, body, and soul.

Combining individual and group therapy, physiotherapy, meditation, art therapy, drama, yoga, martial arts, cuisine, excursions, and activities in our beautiful surroundings to create an island in time designed to help you return to your truest, healthiest self.

We Offer Holistic Therapy

The mind-body connection is well established in medical research, and our holistic approach is modelled on rehabilitation best practices. Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery can only come about with targeted interventions for every aspect of self. We include physiotherapy and meditation, art, yoga, martial arts, strength training, and weekly excursions among our treatment bouquet as well as gardening, weekly chores and responsibilities, 12-step work, and carefully selected movies.

We Offer Nature Activities

Come For The Getaway, Stay For The Healing

Our unique approach to recovery involves weekly excursions into the beautiful Magaliesburg mountains, Hartbeespoort Dam and Pilanesberg National Park for Big Five Safaris as we experience exciting and soulful nature-based adventures. Outings are designed to build group cohesion, nurture mindfulness and tranquillity, and allow you to become attuned and deeply conscious of life’s most exquisite gifts and experiences.

Depending on supplier availability and weather, these excursions will include:

  • Game Drives
  • Barge Trips
  • Quad Biking
  • Trips to the Pilanesberg National Park
  • Rock Jumping
  • Hiking

We Offer Kosher & Halal Food


  • Our healthy, fresh, and beautifully presented meals prepared by our Chef de cuisine will fuel your recovery and feed your soul. Food plays a huge role in healing the body from within, so we offer a varied menu to nurture and delight. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are eaten together.
  • Our nutritious and delicious smoothies are sourced from the local fresh produce market that offers only the best products. They are served twice a day: in the mid-morning and in the afternoon. They are packed with nutrients that can help the body reach its daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables on the road to recovery. They are also a good source of protein, fibre, and healthy fats.
  • All our food is 100% Kosher and Halal.

Addictions We Treat

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol abuse can ruin a person’s life, and yet many people continue to misuse it in order to avoid detox withdrawal as well as the emotional pain that they have been self-medicating. Depending on the severity of your dependence, if done at home without medical supervision, alcohol withdrawal can actually be deadly and certainly causes dopamine and GABA deficiencies that it may have caused or masked. These are critical neurotransmitters required for pleasure, attention, motor coordination, cognition, and mood. Our carefully managed alcohol addiction treatment program will give you the sober living skills you need for ongoing recovery. Abusing alcohol over and over again can cause dementia or Alzheimer’s to show up early, as well as other serious diseases.

Drug Addiction

Our credentialed specialists offer a personalised drug addiction treatment programme, with medical detox and intensive holistic treatment to address addiction to illicit drugs such as methamphetamines, opiates, marijuana, crack/cocaine and hallucinogens. Because of their illegal nature, addiction to these substances often coincides with traumatic experiences. We understand this and we are equipped to help. The first step of our treatment programme is always medical detox, which is closely monitored by our team of specialists. This is followed by an intensive, holistic treatment program that addresses not only the addiction but also any underlying mental health conditions. Our aim is to help you or your loved one build a foundation for long-term recovery.

We Treat Prescription Drugs Addiction

Opioid addiction is by far the most common among addictions to pharmaceuticals, and opioid overdoses claim the lives of tens of thousands each year. Benzos, sleeping pills, and stimulants are also highly addictive prescription drugs liable to cause abuse. If done without medical supervision, withdrawal from some of these substances can also be deadly. What remains in common with this class of addiction is often its ‘innocent’ beginnings, with a legitimate prescription in a doctor’s office.

What Is Prescription Medication Addiction?

When people think of addiction, they often think of illegal drugs. But addiction can happen with legal drugs too, like prescription medications. Prescription medication addiction is when you can’t control how much or how often you use your prescription. You might start using it more than prescribed or for reasons other than what it was prescribed for. You could use it to feel good, relieve stress, or get high, for example.

We Offer Porn and Sex Addiction Treatment

Increasingly common because of its ubiquitous availability and physiological effect on the brain, porn addiction needs a targeted and holistic response as well as an exploration of its underlying causes. It may or may not fall under sex addiction, which involves the need to perform sexual acts to achieve a “fix,” similar to the fix craved by someone with an alcohol or opiate use disorder. Sex addiction may result in unsafe behaviours, remorse, guilt, or negative personal or professional consequences.

What Is Porn And Sex Addiction?

Most people enjoy watching porn or indulging in sexual activities from time to time. However, some people develop an unhealthy obsession with sex or porn, which can ruin their lives. This condition is known as sex or porn addiction, and it is a serious problem that requires professional treatment.

Sex and porn addicts often become consumed by their need for sexual gratification, to the point where they neglect their work, family, and other important obligations. In severe cases, addicts may even resort to illegal activities, such as prostitution or voyeurism, to fulfil their desires. If you think you or someone you know may be suffering from sex or porn addiction, it is important to seek help from a qualified addiction specialist. With the right care, you can get over this disorder and live a healthy, useful life.

Come For The Getaway, And Experience The Healing At Our Exclusive Luxury Rehab.

Freeman House Recovery is a boutique kosher recovery centre nestled in Meerhof, a secluded suburb overlooking Hartbeespoort Dam. Our authentically African chic lodge is only 1 hour from Johannesburg and the O.R. Tambo international airport. It has the privacy and atmosphere of a luxury retreat and is close to many local attractions and medical professionals.

South Africa is blessed with magnificent natural beauty, and the lodge’s panoramic views of the dam and the tranquil Magaliesberg mountains cannot fail to uplift, inspire, and centre the soul.

The lodge has 7 tastefully decorated rooms that can sleep up to 20 people. Some of the rooms have balconies with amazing views of the dam and the mountains.

Amenities include tranquil indigenous gardens and quiet spaces; a sparkling swimming pool and barbeque area; a gym; sauna; deck area; an open-plan lounge and dining room with a self-help library; and a top-of-the-range stainless steel industrial kitchen for strictly kosher food preparation.

The lodge also features 24-hour security.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Freedom House Recovery any questions directly

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