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  • Caverhill Manor Ontario
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Caverhill Manor

210 Water Street
N5A 3C5


Centre Description

At Caverhill Manor our treatment team are committed to promoting a holistic approach to addiction treatment, utilising a Twelve Step Model framework to heal all areas that have been negatively affected by addiction

Caverhill Manor rehabilitation centre is a residential addiction recovery and wellness centre located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. We incorporate a holistic approach to residential treatment that includes our extensive spa services and alternative therapies, which aid in promoting health and wellness. Our philosophy is to create an atmosphere that will inspire individual fulfillment and capacity while building a community of learning and encouragement.


In keeping with a holistic approach to stress management Caverhill Manor is ideally situated to provide access to soothing opportunities for interacting with nature. At Caverhill you can spend time reflecting and connecting with the benefits of a serene and natural environment. Caverhill Manor is located in the world-renowned city of Stratford, Ontario, home to the Shakespearean Festival. Stratford is a charming Victorian city that is alive with culture and character. The beautiful city is nestled in the idyllic countryside, in close proximity to the United States and only two hours from Toronto. This quaint destination is renowned for its famous theatre company, illustrious gardens and architecture. Stroll the Shakespeare gardens on the picturesque Avon River and experience the beauty of Stratford. 

We provide regularly scheduled weekend retreats to our 18,000 sq ft cedar lodge nestled deep in 100 acres of unspoiled forest in Northern Ontario. The Lodge is fully equipped with beach access, canoeing, hiking, archery and snowshoeing. 

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Clients receive individual treatment planning, based on the outcome of a comprehensive assessment process completed by an assigned Primary Counsellor. Individual treatment plans include one-on-one counselling, group counselling, and a psycho educational lecture series to build skills in stress and anger management, and relapse prevention.

The extensive health and spa services we provide include massage, chiropractic, naturopathy, and acupuncture. The individualised treatment plans offer an opportunity for you to collaborate with our Chef in developing nutritionally balanced gourmet meals. Exercise is also a critical element to your treatment plan. We ensure individuals have access to fitness equipment and are encouraged to engage in sports and activities.

A critical component of our program is the development of an aftercare plan to aid in your transition back into your every day life. In order to achieve the best possible post-treatment outcome we encourage involvement with family, workplace, community professionals and self-help groups.


Assessment and Orientation

Once you have settled in you will meet with your Primary Counsellor to complete a bio-psycho-social assessment, which will form the basis of your preliminary treatment plan. You will participate in group counselling on a daily basis and as you work on your treatment plan you will focus on achieving short terms goals. Skill-building lectures on Stress and Anger Management Techniques, Consciousness Raising, Family Dynamics and Relapse Prevention Techniques will increase your knowledge and capacity to succeed.

You will be served nutritionally sound meals daily to help you return to balance and health. Massage will assist in the detoxification process by aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body. It will also ease muscle stiffness, anxiety and sleeplessness – all common in the initial phases of treatment. Hydrotherapy may be introduced during this stage to provide additional relief during the withdrawal process and to help relieve stress. Depending on your needs you will also have access to chiropractic, naturalistic and acupuncture treatments. 

Phase II

Your Individual Treatment Plan

During this stage, your healing involves exploring underlying issues such as grief and loss, and exploring relapse triggers that can affect your ongoing recovery. Your Individual Treatment Plan is further developed by you and your Primary Counsellor to assist in setting short and long-term goals. Your treatment intensifies to enable you to address personal patterns of behavior.

Phase III

Aftercare Planning and Discharge

The third phase of your treatment involves aftercare planning and discharge. At this point you are provided with the necessary referrals as well as a comprehensive continuing care plan, based on your individual needs as recommended by the clinical team. You may begin to participate in semi-independent living off site. You will be encouraged to participate in our Caverhill Alumni Group activities.

This may include, but is not limited to: Transitional Living or Intensive Outpatient Placements, Individual Therapy, and/or referrals to services within your community. Twelve-step recovery groups are strongly recommended as part of your continuing aftercare plan.

Phase IV

Post-discharge Monitoring and Support

Our contact with you at Caverhill Manor does not end when your treatment has been completed. Recovery from addiction is an ongoing process. Caverhill staff continues to monitor and support you after your successful discharge. You will be contacted regularly for encouragement and follow up with respect to your progress. When necessary, Caverhill will provide additional support to assist you with your recovery goals. 

Alumni involvement is yet another way that Caverhill stays in touch with you. Alumni are invited to make submissions to our Caverhill Manor Newsletter, participate in alumni events and offer their experience and support to newly discharged clients. Whenever possible and with the written consent of both parties, Caverhill provides alumni contacts for you before you leave treatment.

Phase V

After Care and Life Planning

In order to achieve the best possible post-treatment outcome for long-term recovery, Caverhill Manor offers an open door policy for Alumni, allowing them to stay connected with this dynamic therapeutic community. At Caverhill we encourage Alumni to join us at the Manor to share their experiences, strengths, and hopes with you and your fellow clients. All of Caverhill Manor Alumni benefit from ongoing access to a majority of the services available. Please ask our staff for more information.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Caverhill Manor any questions directly
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