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  • 12 Steps Central Spain

12 Steps Central Spain

SLL c / San Marcos, 43.

91 523 42 48

Centre Description

12 Steps Central Spain is an outpatient Treatment Center. Aimed at people suffering from alcoholism, substance dependence, codependency, pathological gambling. Thus in short, any form of addiction that is affecting the person’s life. Furthermore we are a treatment center that offers a comprehensive solution for the rehabilitation of the disease of addiction.

12 Steps central Spain

Who we are

Inspired by the Minnesota Model, and the 12-Step philosophy, developed by the Hazelden Foundation in the USA. Hence very widespread and majority in dealing with addictions in the Anglo-Saxon world. Plus we have a high recovery rate in the treatment of addictions. It is a model structured around the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous Program.

We are characterized by a deep knowledge and understanding of the disease. Hence our treatment is focused on the respect and care of the addicted person. Those suffering are often compounded by the misunderstanding of society and marginalization. Therefore in our center you will find a recovery environment. Evidently formed by fundamental values ​​that the addict must recover: honesty, receptivity and good will.

Our goals and values

12 Steps central Spain aims to provide the person suffering from the disease of addiction with professional, multidisciplinary. Plus multidimensional and “person-to-person” treatment. To achieve a satisfactory and quality life, with a complete abstinence program, integrating the family into the recovery process.

The philosophy of our Treatment Center is based on a deep knowledge of the disease, therefore our patients and their families receive dignified, respectful and confidential treatment in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Hence dignifying the life of the addict and providing tools that allow him to develop skills to integrate and fully adapt to his own life design. Therefore allowing him to feel good about himself and the world around him as it is, is an objective to achieve.

The values ​​that make up our objectives are: Respect, Warmth, Confidentiality, Ethics, Honesty and Hope.

12 Steps Central Spain team

The 12 Step central clinical team. It is especially made up of professionals, each specialist in their area. Plus all have a unique and privileged experience that only shared clinical work provides in an environment of respect and collaboration.

Our team is made up of addiction therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and nurses, who encourage each person to strengthen their self-esteem. Also their self-care by focusing their therapy so that the needs of the addict are met with understanding and respect. With teamwork, the addicted person recovers in all areas of his life. We are a comprehensive solution that responds to a comprehensive problem.

We also believe that those who have overcome addiction are in the best of dispositions, with adequate training, to help others to get out of their problem. The empathy that occurs between professionals and addicts to whom the same problem unites is hardly achieved in other therapeutic relationships. Hence we have several professionals who have this condition. Furthermore, they know better than anyone the obstacles and problems that arise when facing a drug-free life. We consider this characteristic to give 12 CT STEPS. an added value and a very special character in the treatment and understanding of patients’ problems.


Alcohol is a legal drug however, used socially anywhere in the world. Indeed it is a central nervous system depressant that is included in the classification of drugs in the group of depressants, as well as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and tranquilizers, among others. Therefore the substance itself may be the trigger for the disease of addiction in some individuals who abuse it. Hence alcoholism, once it occurs, is a primary, chronic, and progressive disease that can be effectively cared for and treated by specialists in an outpatient treatment center.


Whereas this illegal drug is classified as a stimulant and is popularly used in many countries around the world. Undeniably it is addictive in and of itself. Anyone who abuses it can develop an addiction. Its main visible effects affect the central nervous system and cause some physical signs such as: pupillary dilation, tachycardias and deterioration of the nasal septum. Other effects linked to its consumption are insomnia, paranoia and psychosis, which are later reflected in an unusual behavior of the person. It usually suffers from adverse consequences that occur during its consumption such as violent or inappropriate behaviors. It is common for serious consequences related to economic matters to arise. Treatment for people who use this drug is usually complex, as it is generally linked to alcohol consumption. 


It is addictive in and of itself. It is a powerful, semi-synthetic narcotic pain reliever that has very powerful euphoric and pain reliever effects. Its addictive potential is higher than any other narcotic pain reliever such as morphine. One of the biggest attractions that encourages you to try it is the fact that it causes an extreme feeling of emotional and bodily pleasure. Relieves physical and emotional pain, gives sleep, with frequent use causes radical changes in mood, respiratory depression, dizziness and reduced appetite. People who inject themselves are also at risk of contracting the AIDS virus by sharing syringes with others. Detoxification, treatment and recovery from this addiction is very difficult to manage, which is why a treatment center is highly recommended.

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