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South Africa Treatment Centers. There are many alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab centers plus other addiction treatment programs in South Africa which all require dedication on the part of the alcoholic or addict, if they are to be successful in finding ongoing recovery. If the person addicted to the alcohol or drug ( heroin , crack, cocaine, chrystal meths, methadone etc )is willing and dedicated to being rehabilitated within a rehab in South Africa then they are well on the way to lasting recovery.


When looking in South Africa for an alcohol rehab program or drug rehabilitation rehab center try to find the most suitable one you can, as it will make all the difference to the success rate of ongoing recovery. This can be 12 step or non 12 step treatment depending on the sort of recovery you are seeking. If the addict / alcoholic ends up in the wrong treatment center or rehabilitation ( rehab ) program then chances of maintaining ongoing recovery can be greatly reduced, that applies anywhere and not just in South Africa.
Addicts can use any excuse to leave treatment early ( usually when things are getting a little tricky or real ? ) and saying the rehab center is unsuitable or was chosen by others is far to easy a cop out.

Stepping Stones

Depending on the sort of addiction or alcoholism being suffered then the rehab treatment program will differ from rehab center to residential treatment center and from a 12 step treatment program to a non 12 step treatment program in any rehab centers. In South Africa alcohol rehabilitation rehab centers programs concentrate on certain aspects of the alcoholism yet the focus areas will be very different for a drug addict in a drug rehabilitation program. Plus in South African drug rehabilitation / rehab centers you will notice a difference in treatments offered. This can be as different as being addicted to prescription drugs or street drugs such as heroin or crack cocaine. The end result is the same but the means at which to get there will be different.
The rehab center is a term used by using addicts / alcoholics which is just a shorter version of drug / drink rehabilitation program. Again this does not only apply to South Africa but to residential treatment centers / rehabs worldwide.

Montrose Manor

The first step prior to entering any 12 step residential, 12 Step rehab program or 12 Step residential treatment center for successful rehabilitation is a thorough assesment for any addict / alcoholic. This help’s determine the addict’s willingness to change before they decide which South African rehab program / residential treatment center they are going into. How well this assesment is made does contribute greatly to the success of the rehabilitation, rehab, treatment center program chosen by the addict / alcoholic. What form of alcoholism treatment or addiction treatment program is nost suited for the rehabilitation process to work.

Next step is to determine the level of discomfort during withdrawel the addict / alcoholic will go through while detoxing in the rehab center from there alcoholism or addiction.
It all depends on what or how much has been recently used or drunk by the addict or alcoholic. What lengt of time will be needed in an addiction treatment program or an alcoholism treatment program. It needs to be further examined as to how much can the client cope with during these withdrawls and what support will the addict or alcoholic be needing while in the rehab program. Obviously a drug addict’s level of consumption or an alcoholics will determine what the withdrawls will be like plus how they will cope when the drink or drug is taken away. This is never pleasant but an absolute must for any residential treatment center to have any sort of lasting effect at all. The addict / alcoholic needs to have there drink / drug removed from the system for any of the treatment / rehab process to have any affect at all.

Crossroads Recovery Centre

Most people who have been diagnosed with a substance abuse issue needing addiction treatment or an alcoholism treatment program plus needing a 12 Step program or 12 Step residential treatment center, will be at a position where daily living skills have not been a priority for some time. A good rehabilitation, rehab, 12 Step treatment center or residential rehabilitation unit will keep an eye on the addict / alcoholic and there diet during these early days of recovery.

In South Africa the 12 Step Treatment Centers, drug rehabs will have house expectations in place for the addict alcoholic to attent certain meetings during there time in residential treatment. This is part of the addiction treatment program or alcoholism treatment program. These will be at either Narcotics Anonymous ( NA ), Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ), Cocaine Anonymous ( CA ), Gambling Anonymous ( GA) , Food Anonymous ( FA ) etc.
If this is not possible during the time in treatment / rehab then clients will be introduced to the 12 Step programs available in many arears of South Africa prior to treatment completion.

Bethesda Recovery Homes

Choosing from all the various forms of either 12 Step or non 12 Step addiction treatment or alcoholism treatment / rehabs available in South Africa can be difficult. If you can find anyone to help during this process then please do so. This could well be the most important decision you will ever make.
Good luck.

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