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Dependence on alcohol often leads one to behave in an unprecedented way that mostly affects the happiness of the family and the society in general. This leads the addicted person to become depressed since he/she finds no way out. In order to compensate for the mental state of weakness, religion in the form of a residential Christian drug rehab can often be a source of salvation and add strength when everything seems to be in a bad shape. It must be understood that spiritual support comes as in addition to the medications and therapies that the drug rehab / rehabs offer for addiction / alcoholism.

It has been seen that these centres / drug rehabs can lend support to an alcoholic in ways other than medication and adherence to rules can.


There are a number of residential rehab centers, which provide alcohol rehabilitation from a holistic point of view. Apart from alcohol de-addiction programs like 12 step programs, they provide group support programs, individual counseling, etc. By invoking the teachings of Christ and cultivating spiritual growth based principles on Christ Centered families, these Christian alcohol treatment centers help in strengthening a persons resolve to get cured while not allowing them to become weak.

Rehabilitation Centers

An important part of the rehabilitation centers treatment is the involvement of families in the program so that the family members understand how the treatment is to be proceeded and provide adequate support to the patient. Often such centers ask ex clients who have been through treatment to help others in similar situations, in turn ensuring that they stick to the rehabilitation program too.

Rehabilitation centers are designed specifically for those men and women who seek and find solace in religion and have faith in the inscriptions within the Bible. During the course of detoxification and rehabilitation the clients are read out quotes and excerpts from the Bible, this in fact helps the client learn and remember the teachings within the Bible. These programs inculcate spiritual workshops, Bible study, recovery meetings, etc.

A treatment centre such as this helps Christianís families and clients of the same religion and believers face the harsh reality of the effects that alcoholism has on oneís life. Such centers are present all around the world. Some of these are - "Grace Track", "Capstone Treatment Center", "Life Matters" and "Essence Treatment" beside many others.

You might also consult the National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service for more information on a Christian facility in a specific locality.
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