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Valorarte Civil Association

Quirno 90 - C1406EZB
South America
Argentina Republic
Buenos Aires
(011) 4611-6454

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Centre Description

The Valorarte Civil Association was founded in early 1998 as a need for a group of parents of young former drug addicts recovered, to create a rehabilitation center that could provide the patient and family the most careful treatments. Valorarte provides outpatient services, in which the patient continues to live with his family. Develop prevention work and free counseling to families and patients. We in Valorarte, we are aware that we are  fighting against death, and therefore deeply understand the anguish of those who come asking us guidance.

Drug addiction and other addictions come where fear and despair have weakened the family. Addiction is not the product of a "weakness of character" but that is the failed attempt to regulate a personality that has emotional vulnerability in a family context of duels and made ​​no attempt traumatic experiences. The experience gained has enabled us to achieve 90% of patients who have a prolonged abstinence reference to graduates in the last decade. We have a staff composed of sociotherapeutic operators, psychiatrist, medical doctor, nutritionist and psychologists. We also have to address all the necessary entries for social works.