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Silkworth Lodge

6 Vauxhall Street
St Helier
01534 729060

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Centre Description

Silkworth Lodge is the only residential rehabilitation treatment centre in the Channel Islands. It is a non-profit organisation, owned and administered by The Families in Recovery Trust, to support those with drug and alcohol dependency, together with their families.

Our abstinence-based rehabilitation programme is an eight to twelve week course, based on the “12 step programme of recovery”. This programme has a very high success rate of patients staying clean and sober after discharge.

With our 3 halfway houses, The Clubhouse and aftercare we provide a unique pathway to allow our clients the best possible route to long term recovery

Alcohol or drug dependency is a no-blame illness. Nobody sets out to become an alcoholic or drug addict and it is not a problem of morals or will power. It is a very powerful and confusing illness which destroys a person from the inside and also all those surrounding him.

Silkworth Lodge has proven to be a much needed establishment that helps people to come to terms with their addiction and puts them on the road to recovery. We provide a tailor made programme of treatment which helps the client to rebuild these relationships, to regain their self esteem and most of all put them back into society on a new footing.

Primary rehabilitation

Silkworth Lodge’s residential rehabilitation uses the 12 step programme of recovery. It is tailored to each individual client and delivered on a one-to-one basis and in therapeutic groups.

Primary rehabilitation takes between 8 to 12 weeks in a safe and caring environment where each client is fully advised and other professionals consulted as appropriate. The treatment requires the client to commit to undertake the programme and challenge their behaviours with alcohol or drug use.

House rules include the requirement to abstain from alcohol and drugs except those prescribed by the Silkworth Lodge Medical Doctor.

Silkworth Lodge provides a pathway to a better life free from addiction. A new client can expect to be welcomed into a safe and non-judgemental environment, where there are professionals who understand and can help with this illness. Its so much more than maintaining abstinence, it is about regaining self esteem, rebuilding broken relationships, no longer feeling alone and developing healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Clients are invited to attend aftercare sessions once a week when Primary Treatment is completed. This allows the group to discuss any issues they are facing and how they are getting on in general. The group are encouraged to give each other feedback and a counsellor is also present to provide guidance where needed

Secondary rehabilitation

Following treatment in Silkworth Lodge we offer clients the opportunity to go into one of our half-way houses. This approach gives the client the option of having more flexibility in daily life but with the support required.

The houses are communal where the clients work as part of a team and look after the house, take turns in cooking and have their individual duties. The house is staffed 24 hours per day so there is constant support when required.

We also have 26 West Park Avenue which is made up of individual units whereby the client has more space to call their own and in here they need to take more responsibility for themselves such as do their own cooking and cleaning. Although this house is not staffed they still have the option of using the support at 28 West Park Avenue.

As you can see from our properties we provide a very appropriate but gentle route in assisting our clients to edge their way back into society with appropriate support from ourselves. Pushing a client back into the community too soon in recovery can have detrimental effects.

Life at Silkworth Lodge

This section will give you some basic information and the restrictions you will experience whilst resident in Silkworth Lodge.

Whilst you are in treatment some of your freedom will be restricted. This is to help you recover and will be for you own benefit.

When you arrive
You will be greeted by a counsellor who will introduce you to the rest of your house peers and will provide you with an information pack which covers everything you need to know in regards to the house. A key worker and buddy are allocated to each new client when they arrive. The buddy is also on the programme and has a key role in the first days after admission in helping the new client feel welcome.

The house
Silkworth Lodge can sleep up to 12 people at any one time. Clients will have their own room or share a twin. Various boundaries are in place to assure each client’s privacy and dignity. Clients are expected to respect the house and the rules and regulations within it.

The food is provided by our excellent chef Manuel who comes with a wealth of experience through working previously in first top class restaurants. Manuel understands the importance of good nutrition which is a vital part of recovery.

Physical exercise is an important part of rehabilitation. We have membership for Active Leisure at Fort Regent and attend twice a week as part of your routine

All staff and those who come in to the lodge are bound by a code of confidentiality, except when to do so would put someone else in danger.

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the Email button to contact Silkworth Lodge directly