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Serenity Vista Garden
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Serenity Vista

Serenity Vista Chiriqui Province
Central America
Republic Of Panama

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Centre Description

We provide the best addiction - alcohol treatment and co-dependency recovery program available to the highest of North American standards. The leadership are North American with staff and program being second to none. And we are passionate about what we do, and will go to any length to help you or your loved one. This means you will receive the best possible program to identify and resolve your issues, and to learn experientially how to achieve your goals and live a full, healthy life with balance, meaning and purpose. The program is individualized, private, comprehensive, holistic, and, most importantly, highly effective.

We are solution focused. Learning to live in the solution, not the problem. You will have fun and experience a personal journey of insight and self-discovery that yields the changes you are looking for in your life. By the completion of your program you will have a never-before optimism and excitement about your new, dynamic life in sobriety, career, and family.

You will enjoy an intimate resort setting: a maximum of 8 guests at a time. This means we will get to know you as an individual, intimately, and will work hard with you to help you achieve your goals.

Republic of Panama
You will have the very best, comprehensive retreat that works and delivers results. This means you will find the freedom you are looking for, and you will know happiness, peace and joy.

Retreat durations are individualized according to your needs and goals. We recommend a minimum of 28 days in order to fully engage in the process. The average recommended duration is 42 days, with the optimal duration being 3 months. Personal growth and change is not a 'quick fix' proposition. The longer you invest of yourself, the greater the return in terms of lasting sobriety, personal change and growth.

Serenity Vista Features

Highest Quality Rehab

Serenity Vista’s program of recovery is based upon the Minnesota Model of the world renowned Hazelden Treatment Center. You will benefit from an individualized approach to restoring body, mind and spirit. The spiritual principles of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are foundational. Our experience is seasoned with a decade of experience as Canada’s best private drug and alcohol rehab.

Limited to a maximum of 8 guests, you will have individual attention and privacy. If you want help with staying sober, the freedom of recovery, and peace and serenity, we can help, and know how to. You will experience hope, and know peace and a new found freedom!


Your fees are extremely competitive, much lower than similar quality programs in the US and Canada, and are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, and program. Compared to $30,000 or $50,000 for 28 day programs at major US treatment centers, Serenity Vista offers you exceptional value, a return on investment that will transform your life.


Panama is a sought after destination, with increasing direct flights at reasonable prices from many major cities across the Americas and Europe. For example, roundtrip fare from Miami, Florida, to Panama City, is $419 (including taxes and fees).

Experienced Leadership

The founder and director is a recognized and highly respected leader in the addiction field. An experienced health professional with complementary degrees in Pharmacy and Addiction, the founder directed Canada’s best rehab, A Home Away, and has now shifted focus to Panama’s Serenity Vista. The leadership brings over thirty years of experience helping alcoholics and addicts.

A dedicated team of counsellors, facilitators, and holistic therapy practitioners have been assembled to provide you the best recovery program with individualized attention.

Beautiful Setting

Panama, a tropical paradise, is the number one travel destination of 2012. Home to Serenity Vista, the mountainous highland region of Boquete is famous for rainbows, flowers, birds, and coffee. The climate is a forever spring time.

At Serenity Vista you will enjoy expansive, beautiful gardens and streams. Your weekly recreational outings provide additional opportunities to experience the varied abundance and diversity of the area.

The beauty and climate of Serenity Vista provides a natural peace and serenity, highly supportive of your journey of discovery and recovery. You will grow in strength of body and mind, and be immersed in a healing infusion of spirit.


You will be treated with dignity and experience the most robust and comprehensive recovery program available. We will go to great lengths to facilitate your journey of self-discovery and new life of recovery. Heal in mind, body and spirit. You will be excited to affect change in your life that will be transformational.

We believe in miracles, and you can be one of them. You can have the life you’ve dreamed of, and deserve. We will help you if you want us to.

Our Holistic Approach

Your retreat will provide you a comprehensive, holistic experience of living a healthy, balanced life. All aspects of your whole person, Mind, Body, and Spirit, have an opportunity to rejuvenate in balance and harmony.

As a part of your retreat, we offer counselling that supports you to achieve your goals in your life. Your dynamic full-life program will include individual and small group sharing sessions, spiritual exploration, music, artistic expression, meditation, yoga, massage and spa, and of course, amazing meals.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings through holistic approaches such as musical and artistic expression can be a new experience for many, and always a lot of fun.

Core Counselling Group Sessions

Clinical Direction and Group Process

John Derry, B.Sc.Phm., M.A., is Director of Serenity Vista. He has an impressive track record of success and is known for his outstanding interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. He offers a unique depth of expertise based upon his complementary proficiencies in pharmacy, addiction, and management leadership. His credentials and professional experience distinguish him as an expert in his field.

John is a licensed pharmacist and holds a Master of Arts degree in Addiction Counselling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. The Hazelden Foundation is the world leader in the treatment of chemical dependency and the training of addiction professionals.

John has helped many people of all walks of life through his many years of clinical practice. Guests express gratitude for the compassionate, focused, and highly effective skill that John is gifted with. He helps individuals and families heal, find meaning and purpose, and change their lives. John’s career profile and professional endorsements may be viewed here.

John provides overall case management leadership and clinical direction for Serenity Vista, bringing together the skills and talents of a complementary, multidisciplinary team of professionals and holistic practitioners. John also leads Group Processing Sessions at Serenity Vista, providing a safe, focused healing environment for group therapy.

Spiritual Sessions

Jane Derry, B.A., R.S., has travelled educational and career paths that have led through veterinary hospitals, community pharmacy, religious study, youth counselling, and residential addiction recovery treatment. Jane has focused the last 16 years on helping people explore their own spiritual beliefs relating to addiction recovery and the 12 Steps. Jane has a strong commitment to live by spiritual principles and she models inspiration, hope and encouragement to people, especially those suffering from addiction.

At Serenity Vista Jane cultivates a nurturing, safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment for guests to explore their own concepts of what a Higher Power means in their life and sobriety. She provides an atmosphere of sincerity, acceptance, compassion and faith, providing strong leadership that fosters trust, challenge, and healing.

Jane is a skilled and intuitive counsellor. In addition to providing leadership and management at Serenity Vista, Jane also facilitates the two spiritual sessions, 'Come To Believe', and 'Conscious Contact'. She reaches from a deep resource of spiritual tools and traditions. In these two weekly sessions, you will focus on Steps 2 and 11, with plenty of lively conversation and challenging assignments, with introduction and experience of various meditative techniques and practices.

Jane’s sessions are inclusive of all beliefs, regardless of religious experience or affiliation, or faith (or lack thereof) or affiliation. The framework upon which this deep resource rests is a firm foundation of the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps and back to basics concepts of sobriety.

Healthy Self Esteem Groups

Lynne Harbke, MA, is a semi-retired licensed professional counsellor and teacher from Michigan, USA. She has held a very active private practice for almost 30 years. Her expertise is wide ranging, having specialized in working with adults who were abused as children and clients suffering from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, marital and relationship problems, identity disorders, trauma, and a variety of adjustment disorders. Commonly co-existing, Lynne has a special gift for helping people affected by addiction.
Now enjoying life in Boquete, Panama, Lynne’s passions include caring for and riding her horse.

We are fortunate to have Lynne complement our professional leadership team at Serenity Vista. Lynne will work with you to help identify and remove blocks to help you live your authentic life with ‘Healthy Self Esteem’. Lynne has a patient, thoughtful, compassionate manner, using a varied, multidisciplinary approach to counselling, including EMDR.

Integrity and Sober Life Sessions

Tom Werder, B.S., Physics, has a degree in physics and extensive training and experience in issues associated with recovery including alcoholism, co-dependency, adult children of alcoholics and transformational technologies. His career path has ranged from geo-physical engineering, personal and professional consulting, life coaching, seminar leadership, authorship, and addiction recovery.

Tom has led countless seminars in personal growth and development focusing on integrity, relationships and performance. His published small business management book, The BullsEye Principle, utilizes the principles of integrity, honesty and non-judgmental observation. As a recovering sober alcoholic with 31 years of continuous sobriety, Tom brings to Serenity Vista a personal passion and depth of skill for helping those affected by addiction.

Tom is currently semi-retired in Boquete Panama where he maintains an active healthy lifestyle which includes his passion for hiking. Tom is an amazing speaker, an insightful coach and motivating presence. You can't help but be inspired by him.

Tom leads the ‘Integrity and a Sober Life’ sessions at Serenity Vista. You will be introduced to the practical benefits of managing personal integrity and be coached on how to manage it. Tom will guide you in the use of the tools of honesty, introspective inquiry, and personal responsibility and accountability. You will have opportunity to apply the concepts experientially and relate what is shared to relevant steps of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through Tom’s down to earth, practical approach, you will quickly experience restoration of integrity making your life easier, more satisfying, and supportive of your new life of sustained recovery.

Exploring with Sound & Vibration, and Understanding the Mind

Yella has been a professional vocalist for 40 years and brings to Serenity Vista a wide range of eclectic experience that includes professional counselling and mentoring in the areas of co-dependency, sex addiction, and eating disorders. With a strong musical background, her understanding of how to use the voice as a therapeutic tool for personal growth and spiritual expansion is well developed.

Yella has been conducting Sound Exploration Workshops across North America for over 20 years. People have reported miraculous results from simply 'finding their voice' and using it in a new and more profound way.

Yella will lead you in a fun and impactful way in ‘Exploring with Sound and Vibration’. This is an easily learned practice that can unlock dormant areas of life and frozen parts of the body. Your own voice is a tool for observing where you are stuck and how to create vibration that restores flow and movement of energy. This technique is particularly useful for deepening meditation and creating relaxed and open awareness, dovetailing nicely with some of the spiritual sessions led by Jane Derry.

In your second weekly session with Yella, she will help you with ‘Understanding the Mind’. She will lead you in an exploration of the human mind and how it functions. You will be coached on how to recognize the mind’s deceptions and expose the manipulative lies that are founded in survival. The mind can be seen for what it is while you learn to make it your servant that helps you develop your new exciting life in sobriety and recovery rather than being your master keeping you caught in self-defeating and unsatisfying patterns.

Sessions for Reclaiming Self through Creativity

Elizabeth Worley, MS, practiced privately in North Carolina, USA, for many years as a national and state board certified counselling therapist, both in private practice and with non-profit centers. Her fields of specialty have included recovery from childhood abuse, gender identification, healing grief, and navigating life transitions. Her approach always remembers that each individual is a unique blend of body, mind and spirit, and that the therapeutic journey is a matter of mutual trust and respect.

Elizabeth has lived in the highlands of Panama since 2004. Her interests include growing organic coffee and producing health products made from rain forest medicinal plants. She continues to work with people who are seeking to create themselves anew, and brings her depth of experience, clinical skills, and passion for life to helping guests at Serenity Vista on their journey of healing, self-discovery and recovery.

‘Reclaiming Self through Creativity’, as offered by Elizabeth at Serenity Vista, will foster your awareness and trust of your innate creative life force by providing a variety of opportunities to safely experiment with self-expression through poetry, literature, visual arts, movement, psycho-drama, nature and music. Reclaiming Self through Creativity helps break through the blocks, beliefs and fears that inhibit our natural desire to express ourselves. It’s fun, and it’s challenging. As you push through self-inhibiting limitations, you will discover doors that invite you to live more authentically, and with joy.

Serenity Vista at The Haven Spa

Our guests at Serenity Vista will enjoy weekly visits to The Haven Spa in Boquete. Serenity Vista has teamed up with The Haven to provide you with the highest quality, luxurious and therapeutic spa experience available.

There will be time for spa treatments, yoga, swimming, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. Enjoy reading in the comfy sun room or just plain relaxing in the beautiful and serene space The Haven has created for you.


The brand new yoga space is calming and beautiful. If you are new to yoga, our instructor will gently lead you into the mindfulness of yoga and its outstanding benefits to recovery. The concentration and awareness that yoga exercises require, helps to train the mind to bring more awareness into daily life. Yoga is about being in the present, living each moment to the fullest and getting all we can out of this life. Yoga is likely to become one of your favorite weekly activities.

Weekly Massage

Massage is often our guests favourite hour of the week. Massage is an excellent way to relax and let go. The massage practitioners at the Haven will help you get back in touch with your body in a gentle and healing way. There are several types of massage available at the Haven's 4 treatment rooms.

Exercise Equipment

2 running machines and 2 elliptical riders
2 recumbent bikes, 1 step machine, 1 rowing machine
2 power plate/vibration trainers
10 Body Solid pro dual body work stations
1 Inverter for Invertion Therapy
Free weights

Available Treatments

Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage
Aromatherapy, Facials, Body Wraps, Body Scrub
Manicures and Pedicures
Acupuncture, Chiropractic Adjustments, and Lymphatic Drainage

The Pool, Infrared Sauna and Steam Room

The Haven, renowned for excellence with facilities and services of the highest quality, aims:

” to inspire health by creating a welcoming haven of beauty and tranquillity that empowers you to achieve a healthier way of life.”

Please follow the website button above for further information. Also you can use the email button to ask Serenity Vista any questions directly